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charlie sheen and bree olson - rehab
Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Last month Charlie Sheen’s ex girlfriend/goddess Bree Olson (real name Rachel Oberlin) made it known to the public that she’s had a difficult time since leaving the porn industry to pursue a “mainstream” acting career. Currently Rachel places the majority of the blame for her difficulties in life upon society  (how she’s been stigmatized as an ex sex worker and discriminated against as an ex pornstar).  However, over the past couple of weeks, she’s realized that she’s addicted to some medications that have been prescribed toRead More
Axel Braun, peter Pan, RIley Steele
  Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Porn director Axel Braun initially seemed like a “good guy” considering how he claimed to only want to shoot talent over the age of 21 and his stance on mandatory condom usage in adult films, however as of late it appears as though he’s turned to the “dark side” and lost his mind! Axel Braun recently turned Walt Disney’s children’s classic Peter Pan – a fairy tale specifically about young children into an adult xxx hardcore porn parody for Wicked Pictures. In additionRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: As of yesterday, the video re-posted below was censored and deleted from Youtube without a detailed explanation. The video was labeled “inappropriate content”. Ironically there’s not one bit of nudity or profanity at all in the video below.  In addition there’s not a word of “hate speech”.  The video below is THE TRUTH of “How the Jewish and Satanists Insured the Porn Industry – Anti-Porn Activists are the Key”. How the Jewish and Satanists Insured the Porn Industry – Anti-Porn Activists are the KeyRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Just because a “juicy news item” is there, doesn’t mean that it’s responsible or ethical for mainstream media to report it to the masses… Thanks to mainstream media, thousands of underage children who love Disney toys are rapidly becoming aware that their favorite Disney Toy collector on youtube, Daiane DeJesus, used to be a pornstar known as Sandy Summers (aka Sandra Larosa aka Sandy Waltrick). DeJesus is essentially a “pied piper” to children and I have a feeling now, some porn industry asshole like SteveRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: I’m not sure really what exactly to think about this video by a young woman named Michelle Lopez (which is how I know I’m getting old – lol). Unlike Lopez, I’m completely unable to “empathize” with Jonathan Koppenhaver aka War Machine as she appears to be able to.  I’ve always considered myself a fairly sensitive and compassionate person, but when it comes to this situation between Koppenhaver and Christy Mack, if what the public has been told about the situation is true, I don’tRead More
Monica Foster commentary: A big thanks to my friend NYCfunk for sending me a link to this video. Many very important points and issues are covered in this video piece in regards to condoms in porn, STDs and legalities.Read More
A PornNewsToday exclusive by Monica Foster ***Developing Story: Tonight I received an urgent intelligence report directly from the streets of Los Angeles, via one of the PornNewsToday intelligence agents who’s known as The Coparazzi (learn more about her on yoututube channel The Coparazzi has identified and is currently working to bring to justice an alleged Los Angeles sex-trafficker (a.ka. pimp) by the name of Lamar Willis. Below is a video of Willis – and as you can see (and hear), not only does he appear to be a criminal…he’s most likely one of theRead More
Monica Foster commentary: ***Update 8.14.2013: Looks like things may not have worked out in Seattle – Kacey is back to performing and she is being represented by LA Direct models – the agency at the center of the current Hep C case (not a smart move Courtney… you’re at high risk of contracting a deadly STD). Kacey Jordan (aka MissCnicole on twitter) and her $60,000 dollar smile are maturing nicely.  She appears to be doing well and is thinking clearly.  I have the distinct feeling that she’s about ready to tell the truth inRead More
Monica Foster commentary: More and more strip clubs who import pornstars to feature dance at their establishments have started assembling these nifty youtube videos to promote their events – and  I think it’s a great idea. As you can see in the video below, Jenna Haze is currently on tour (though she’s completely retired from performing in adult video).  Jenna is very interesting to me because she’s one of the few pornstars who’s made a point to make sure the public knows that she DOES NOT escort (I’ve never foundRead More