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Monica Foster commentary: As long as the issues regarding illegal prostitution and escorting rings attached to the Los Angeles porn industry are not addressed the law makers will continue to tighten their noose around the American porn industry’s neck. spotted on from – Following the lead of Los Angeles County, a state lawmaker is proposing to require that all actors in pornographic films made in California be required to wear condoms to protect them from exposure to AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Assembly member Isadore Hall III (D-Compton) hasRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I and many others who did our best to get the word out in regards to Measure B (a ballot measure supported largely by the Aids HealthCare Foundation which has the purpose of mandating condoms and other protective measures and regulations within the Los Angeles porn industry in effort to protect the health of performers) send well wishes, congratulations and words of THANKS to Michael Weinstein (President of the AHF) and all the other AHF staff members and supporters. Michael Weinstein and the AHF staff have selflessly takenRead More
Monica Foster commentary: It is very important that everyone vote YES on Measure B in November! article courtesy LA Weekly Porn Condom Ballot Measure For L.A. County Sees Campaign Kickoff The folks behind a ballot measure that asks you, the L.A. County voter, to make condoms mandatory in porn, officially kicked off their campaign this week. Measure B will be on the November ballot, and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which has been pushing for mandatory condoms in adult video for years, wants you to vote yes. The pro-B advertisement, above,Read More