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If you were to take a look at Sean Matthew Tompkins of The Real Pornwikileaks twitter account (@TRPWL) tonight, upon first glance you’d think to yourself, “Wow, Sean seems like a really professional blogger who has the pornstars’ best interest in mind”.  Maybe in some alternate universe, he does… but unfortunately in the universe most of us live in, nothing could be further from the truth. Sean has worked very hard over the past few years to bury the evidence and truth of his online bullying, stalking, support of raciallyRead More
In this Alexandra Mayers exclusive interview, Alexandra interviews Prince Jarl Alexandre Alé de Basseville the Artist, Photographer, Businessman & Social Activist who released the erotic, nude photographs of Melania Trump (Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s wife). In this interview Alexandra and Prince Jarl Alexandre Alé de Basseville discuss why he released the photographs of Melania Trump, his legitimate Normandy royal lineage and family, his thoughts on the difference between art and pornography, Donald Trump’s recent announcement in regards to signing a pledge to fight online pornography, politics in America, politics inRead More
Today (January 6, 2015) Ari Scott Bass aka Michael Whiteacre appeared before Las Vegas Justice Court Judge Tobiasson in regards to a domestic battery charge filed against him on December 1, 2014 by his wife Christina Parreira (aka Goddess Vienna, Princess Kora & Kinky Kora). Judge Tobiasson granted the state of Nevada their motion today for a NO CONTACT ORDER between Bass and his victim (Parreira). As many are aware, Ari Scott Bass has an extensive history of aggression, stalking and violence.  It’s appeared for the past couple of yearsRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Next month I will be launching a new webcast specifically to discuss the topic of Abusive Men.  I plan to address some issues that I feel much of the mainstream public (especially young women) aren’t aware of. Women (especially young women) – PLEASE watch and LISTEN to the video below.  Pimps (sex traffickers) will go as far as to marry you in order to LOCK YOU INTO THE SEX INDUSTRY.  I believe that a few women I got to know while I was activeRead More
Monica Foster commentary:  THAT’S RIGHT!  Korea DON’T PLAY! Some asshole thought that they could tarnish the reputation (and most likely extort) Kim Jong Un’s wife. I DON’T THINK SO! You better pray Steve Hirsch that Kim’s mindset doesn’t spread to America. Notice how these shady pornographers that Kim Jong Un KILLED were also MUSICIANS… the entire situation reminds me of quite a few pieces of shit in the Los Angeles porn industry. article found on UPI PYONGYANG, North Korea, Oct. 10 (UPI) — North Korean first lady Ri Sol Ju appearedRead More
Monica Foster commentary: As much as MANY adult entertainers want to be Marilyn Monroe – they never will be…ever. I think it’s about time a certain pornstar, who’s alleged date of birth is that of Marilyn Monroe, shuts the fuck up and thinks twice before even attempting to insert herself (and the porn industry) into the equation during Hillary’s probable upcoming run for President. Who am I referring to? None other than pornstar Brooklyn Lee (who Rob Black recently referred to on his show, 8.14.2013, as a piece of “white trash”Read More
Monica Foster commentary: If Jesus had a wife, then he most likely had sex – which would have resulted in children…now, would you care for a dose of ChristianPornstar.com ? *Update: According to CNN the Vatican has deemed this finding a fake http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/2012/09/28/vatican-newspaper-calls-fragment-referring-to-jesus-wife-a-fake/comment-page-34/ (I guess they don’t want to rework the system at this stage). article courtesy the NYtimes A Faded Piece of Papyrus Refers to Jesus’ Wife  By LAURIE GOODSTEIN Published: September 18, 2012 971 Comments FACEBOOK TWITTER GOOGLE+ E-MAIL SHARE PRINT REPRINTS CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — A historian of early Christianity at HarvardRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Take a good long look at what Flynt is really “fighting” to have the ability to do…My heart goes out to Chris Benoit’s family…life always have a way of balancing out… courtesy Reuters.com Hustler magazine will not have to pay $250,000 in punitive damages for publishing nude photos of pro wrestler Chris Benoit’s late wife, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday. But the racy men’s magazine is still on the hook for $125,000 in compensatory damages to the estate of Nancy Benoit, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Nancy Benoit’s motherRead More