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In this Alexandra Mayers exclusive interview, Alexandra interviews Prince Jarl Alexandre Alé de Basseville the Artist, Photographer, Businessman & Social Activist who released the erotic, nude photographs of Melania Trump (Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s wife). In this interview Alexandra and Prince Jarl Alexandre Alé de Basseville discuss why he released the photographs of Melania Trump, his legitimate Normandy royal lineage and family, his thoughts on the difference between art and pornography, Donald Trump’s recent announcement in regards to signing a pledge to fight online pornography, politics in America, politics inRead More
Monica Foster commentary: The reality is, the United State’s greatest “natural resource” is it’s young people. Soon our youth, which has been bred to reflect the carefully cultivated “popstar meets sex kitten” image, will be harvested and legally sold overseas to lift our country out of debt. The normalization of pornography was simply a piece of the puzzle – do you think it’s just a fluke the government has ignored sex-trafficking activity within the Los Angeles porn industry as long as it has? article spotted on gizmodo.com  America: land ofRead More
Monica Foster commentary: For those of you who follow my twitter, you know that I couldn’t be happier! I actually took a day off from PornNewsToday.com and my other projects to celebrate Barack Obama’s victory! I couldn’t possibly be more honored to be alive in these times. I feel Barack Obama will continue to do a phenomenal job as the leader of our country, a leader of our planet and a leader of our spirits! He is an inspiration as is his family, administration, friends, followers and supporters. Barack Obama’sRead More
Monica Foster commentary: In about a decade India will be the new America – saving my money now to relocate…I’m not sure why I think this, but I have a feeling Sunny Leone is about to have to deal with REAL INDIA and Bipasha Basu will be it’s face…the real deal never likes cheap imitations… courtesy techeye.net Those who believe that the end times are coming and we are all drifting to a One World Government controlled by the Illuminati will be getting their knickers in a twist over a moveRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I have a feeling that this is the year that a major scandal / revelation will break which links Disney directly to the Los Angeles porn industry…I’ve been noticing some things (That recent movie “Tangled” was a major key in my view…the primary characters really reminded me of a couple porn “fixtures” I’ve been documenting for quite some time…) courtesy MSNBC.com By M. Alex Johnson, msnbc.com When it comes to porn, there’s nothing Mickey Mouse about the hometown of Disney World. Follow M. Alex Johnson on Twitter and Facebook. In its April edition,Read More