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***Read the full report at the end of this post. Alexandra Mayers commentary: If there’s justice in the Universe, the developers and operators of Pornwikileaks (along with individuals such as Ari Scott Bass and Sean Matthew Tompkins) will be held accountable for the assault against me, my family and the multitudes of others the venture targeted. Cyber violence is psychological warfare – and in regards to how pornography ties into it all…today’s pornographic industry is essentially entirely controlled by ORGANIZED CRIME (in other words, today criminals are fraudulently labeling themselvesRead More
Monica Foster commentary: In about a decade India will be the new America – saving my money now to relocate…I’m not sure why I think this, but I have a feeling Sunny Leone is about to have to deal with REAL INDIA and Bipasha Basu will be it’s face…the real deal never likes cheap imitations… courtesy techeye.net Those who believe┬áthat the end times are coming and we are all drifting to a One World Government controlled by the Illuminati will be getting their knickers in a twist over a moveRead More