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Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary:  Strangely I recall seeing pornstar Tanner Mayes tweeting in Arabic.  What exactly is going on with the porn industry and individuals located and residing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)? spotted on DailyStar.UK Shock as ‘one million’ explicit porn films found on Instagram PHOTO sharing site packed with pornography – explicit videos and photos hidden under obscure arabic hashtags. Instagram prides itself on being a safe place to view pictures and videos. But users will be shocked to discover that there are over “oneRead More
Alexandra Mayers commentary:  I wonder if this stories about Kacey Jordan and what appears to be Jordan Kingsley are true – and if so, exactly how many pornstars over the years Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid got to know personally… Stay tuned as more facts are revealed about Sheikh Rashid’s death… post below spotted on Date: February 13th, 2012 3:20 AM Author: …,…;;.,.;..;;..;.,.;.,.;.,.;.;;;.,.;,,,.;.,. In 2009, Kacey Jordan was paid $30,000 by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum for an 8 day sex romp at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. KaceyRead More