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It appears that Scottie O’hanian of Plush Talent has had enough of Sean Tompkins (of The Real Pornwikileaks). According to this photo of some legal paperwork, Tompkins has a date with O’hanian on December 23, 2016Read More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Is SugarDaddy dating prostitution? I don’t feel that it necessarily is and neither do many attorneys. Las Vegas attorney Allen Lichtenstein recently stated that the legal parameters of prostitution are clouded. Mr Lichtenstein said: “Any relationship that is an ongoing one that’s not purely about sex but may have a sexual aspect to it, you can’t really classify as prostitution.” Ironically, according to porn industry blogger Sean Matthew Tompkins aka TRPWL (of The Real Pornwikileaks), sugardaddy dating is escorting (prostitution).  In fact on NovemberRead More
article via  This being my 1st foray into investigating blogging, I would like to give a heart felt “THANKS” to Miss Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster for graciously allowing me and supplying me with the platform in which to express my thoughts, observations, and opinions concerning the proliferation of ORGANIZED CRIME within the Adult film industry. Alexandra, you have my utmost gratitude. – NYCWatcher “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist” The Usual Suspects (1995) On Thursday, August 28th a deception wasRead More
Monica Foster commentary: In my opinion criminalizing production and possession of “rape porn” needs to happen within the United States as well. As many of my readers are aware, I opted to make a youtube video earlier this week in regards to being raped December 31, 2008 by a man who goes by the name of Chase Styles (an associate of Will Ryder aka Jeff Mullen of X-play / All Media Play / Sitcumz). Since I have gone public in regards to my experience, another associate of Will Ryder byRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Many of the issues Gene Ross of and Rob Black of Sinister TV are finally presenting are issues of which Desi Foxx aka Diana Grandmaison was once ridiculed for bringing to light… Though it takes time…the truth always prevails.   article below spotted on The Industry Is a Walking Sex Bomb Waiting to Explode –Gene Ross Diane Duke can talk all she wants about successfully eradicating STD rates, but the fact of the matter is the porn industry is one out of control sex orgy afterRead More
A PornNewsToday exclusive: Sean Tompkins (the individual who has claimed to have done the majority of the online work to get Pornwikileaks offline and who touts himself as the “Hero of the Porn Industry”) was most likely given an expense account to take Pornwikileaks offline OR was paid an amount of money upfront by what I can only assume to be the Free Speech Coalition considering how Diane Duke has gone on record taking credit for bringing down PornWikileaks as well. You would think that part of getting Pornwikileaks offline would have been taking ownershipRead More
Monica Foster commentary:When I met Diane Duke at the first performers APHSS meeting around a year or so ago (of which her assistant Joanne Cachpero attempted to have me barred from claiming that I am a “terrorist”), she specifically told me that the FSC was working on bringing the pornwikileaks issue to conclusion. I picked up a really negative and deceptive vibe from Diane but I thought to myself “Why would a woman with her credentials be anything but truthful?” Thanks to Mike South on I now know IRead More