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Within the porn industry blogosphere, rumor has it that a man known as “Dave” of The Luxury Companion attained via unscrupulous means via the filing a lawsuit (which revolved around the theme of “defamation”) against Mike South (aka Michael Strother). In addition, rumor has it that “Dave” loaned Sean Matthew Tompkins aka @TRPWL a dollar amount in the excess of $7,000 to attain partial control of (a website which advertises LA Direct Models, Spiegler Girls and the Lee Network). On May 23, 2017 – Alexandra Mayers (fka MonicaRead More
It’s been a long and hard road that Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster has traveled since the hate crime of Pornwikileaks was launched (along with it’s associated websites and the arrival of it’s website operators into the pornographic realm). Alexandra and her family members have been extensively and mercilessly targeted for quite some time…and though there are SEVERAL parties within adult entertainment who could have stepped in (or taken action) to shed truth upon or remedy the situation – no one did… Instead those who COULD have intervened utilized theRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Once again was on the right trail and SO WAS I! Back in late January of this year Manwin (the porn industry megacorp that views Porn Valley as a Monopoly game and who has a front man that wishes he was Steve Jobs) sent me a bitchy email in regards to my linking their company to Reality Kings and – well as of today considering the article below from I WAS SO ON THE MONEY! All anyone has to do to SEE that IRead More
It’s time for you my readers to learn about IviewIt and Eliot Bernstein. Many in the world will not want you to know about him, which is why (of course) I do. Please visit and read through You can continue watching the next segment of this interview on Everything I’ve done independently as Monica Foster since around 2002 has been heavily dependent on computer graphics, the internet, streaming video and webcamming. Thank You Eliot Bernstein for creating the tools which have enriched my life and made my workRead More