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Hustler & it's owner Larry Flynt built their empire on the concept of "Barely Legal"
Shortly after the NY Daily News reported on allegations of a 34 year old man posing as a teen on social media who the report claims was extorting pornographic media from underage teen girls, the Daily Beast’s writer Janice Griffith penned an insightful article in regards to “Why Barely Legal porn is so dangerous”. via NYdailyNews.com EXCLUSIVE: Brooklyn man posing as teen extorted child porn out of young girls, authorities allege A 34-year-old Brooklyn man posed as a teen, then sexually exploited young girls on Facebook, even threatening to tell one victim’sRead More
Sarah McDaniel - photo credit: Playboy
***UPDATE: It appears Hugh Hefner of Playboy has already laid the groundwork to gain direct access to HIGHSCHOOL STUDENTS (click here to learn more).  Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Well, America’s favorite DIRTY OLD MAN NEXT DOOR has really done it now – so let THIS be his LEGACY… Sure, on the surface Hugh Hefner of Playboy seems to be cleaning up his act before he croaks by throwing out the bodily fluid drenched “nudity towel” via the announcement that he’s transforming Playboy magazine from an adult nude smutRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary:  I really don’t understand why Farrah would consider a lip implant to begin with being that her lips naturally are full… I’m thinking that Farrah needs to view this cosmetic surgery mishap as a sign from God to: 1) Stop wasting money on cosmetic surgery that she doesn’t need 2) Cancel her scheduled appearance at the AVN awards this year…she’s already had several bad experiences with the porn industry, so why should she continue to grace those who have hurt her with her presence? articleRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: The same week that the Bill Cosby sex scandal allegations in conjunction with a 15 year minor (in 1974) came to mainstream media attention, Donny Pauling (a speaker for the xxxChurch) was arrested on charges for sex with an underage (14 year old) victim. When Donny Pauling was active in the pornographic industry he was affiliated with Playboy Enterprises (not too unlike Bill Cosby has been over the years).  The question is, WHO in the pornographic industry (specifically attached to Playboy) was aware ofRead More
Monica Foster commentary:  So in the wake of Courtney Stodden’s split from Doug Hutchison, she has proclaimed that she will not  be doing porn and has gone as far as to turn down a 5 million dollar porn deal. Being that’s the case, she should probably destroy (or delete the file) of her “solo sextape”… she might not be planning on “leaking” it, but others around her might have a different agenda. Bethenny did a really great job on with this interview.Read More
Monica Foster commentary: Situations such as the report below are exactly why I’ve been so vocal in regards to not depicting men & women as minors (under the age of 18) in adult content.  I don’t ONLY blame studio owners and directors in regards to this issue – I also place blame on the porn talent that is (and has been) OK with being depicted as a minor.   Adult entertainment should be just that – ADULT entertainment.  To all the men of the Los Angeles porn industry who areRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Last week’s Monica At Home webcast focused on the importance of parents shielding their children/teens from the potential negative influence of porn industry professionals and the CHILDREN and TEENS of porn industry professionals. Since posting that webcast, I have received several emails from individuals voicing their concern in regards to pornstars and other porn industry professionals regularly endangering their children by posting their kid’s photos and names on social networks such as twitter and facebook. Parents who are porn professionals of ANY SORT (pornstars, porn studio owners,Read More
Monica Foster commentary: Jenna Haze officially retired from the porn industry last month, but I have a feeling we’ll still be seeing her showcased in the music scene quite frequently considering that her current boyfriend fronts the Dillinger Escape Plan and one of her BFF’s is Taylor Momsen…Read More