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Does Dennis Hof's proposed NFL Raiders themed Las Vegas area brothel violate copyright & trademark law? Ask Mark Davis.
  In the webcast above, Alexandra Mayers poses the question as to whether or not Dennis Hof’s planned NFL Raiders themed legal brothel infringes, violates or breaks copyright / trademark law considering that NFL Raiders athletic apparel and memorabilia vendors are only legally allowed to sell merchandise certified by the NFL franchise. Alexandra includes a clip in her webcast from a recent Las Vegas news broadcast in which a prominent attorney (who is routinely featured on CNN as a commentator) clearly states, “if you sell merchandise with Raiders on itRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Considering that this type of gaming attracts an underage fanbase – I’m not so certain a porn industry sponsorship is the best idea… courtesy Porn company Brazzers said it wants to sponsor professional fighting game players via a Twitch.TV livestream with fighting game community member Long Island Joe. Rob Steele, director of special events for Brazzers, announced the formation of a sponsored team with LI Joe as its captain. Brazzer hopes to not only form a team but also host tournaments. Brazzers is a porn productionRead More