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Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: It’s no coincidence that there’s been a rise in cases of Syphilis in Las Vegas as the porn industry has migrated in mass numbers to the area… via  LAS VEGAS (AP) — Health officials have declared a syphilis outbreak in the Las Vegas area. The Southern Nevada Health District said Wednesday that Clark County has had a 128 percent increase in reported syphilis cases since 2012. Officials said 615 of the 694 cases involved men being diagnosed in 2015. This marks Nevada asRead More
Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Clinical trials for Truvada will not be officially conclusive until the year 2017.  Truvada does NOT protect a person from Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Hep C or a multitude of other STDs.  The only “safe” sex is sex in which a CONDOM is utilized in conjunction with knowing your partner’s STD status. AB1576 will pass into law – and there’s NOTHING those in opposition to the AB1576 bill  (who are attached to the organized crime controlled pornographic industry) can do about it. I hope toRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster: I’m sure if more pornstars were to speak upm rather than living in fear of upsetting the status quo, we’d see many more such lawsuits resulting in victims receiving what they are due. spotted on  By City News Service POSTED: 06/23/14, 11:24 AM PDT | 0 COMMENTS LOS ANGELES — A judge awarded nearly $130,000 to an adult film actress who alleged a fellow actor exposed her to syphilis. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David Minning heard testimony Friday from Heather DeAngelo, known in the industryRead More
Monica Foster commentary: So as of current, it seems that you’re given a “Pass” to be an active performer in the Los Angeles porn industry talent pool if you are POSITIVE for Herpes, Syphilis and have a low enough viral load count for HIV (in other words, you could be positive for HIV as John Stagliano is, but still pass certain STD tests the Free Speech Coalition endorses – and therefore be cleared to work…scary isn’t it). spotted on Here’s the Syphilis Document That Will Likely Hang Diane DukeRead More
A PornNewsToday exlcusive: A well known and respected California porn industry insider (who shall remain anonymous) sent an email tonight requesting that at least post a notice to warn active talent that Nica Noelle of Girl Candy Films is rumored to have recently tested positive for Syphilis.  It’s unclear as to whether or not Nica Noelle is currently an active talent, but upon viewing her twitter, she regularly posts nude photos of herself so it’s likely that she is. Nica Noelle appeared to have attempted to protect Mr. MarcusRead More
Monica Foster commentary: He might be the first, but he sure won’t be the last… the boy really should speak up about the FSC at this stage – what’s he got to lose? Come to think of it, I heard a little something strange in regards to his buddy Nica Noelle – looking forward to that rumor seeing the light of day in a couple weeks 🙂 ***Update: 6.11.2013 – according to Mr. Marcus only had to serve 2 days of his sentence?!?!?! article spotted on NBC An adultRead More
Monica Foster commentary: It appears that the powers that be wanted the entire world to know Mr. Marcus was allegedly at the center of the Los Angeles porn industry Syphilis scare of 2012 – if I were him, I’d take the hint and leave Los Angeles, leave the porn industry and take a new path in life. spotted on TMZ  Porn stud Mr. Marcus — who, we kid you not, is a member of the porn Hall of Fame — was arrested in Hollywood early this morning, after cops say he wasRead More
Monica Foster commentary: This situation was a final warning to stop in my opinion…reminds of when God sent several warnings to a Pharoah not that long ago.  I’m not certain what the modern day equivalent of parting a sea will be…but that’s what’s next.  When all is said and done, the powers that be will need to send in a few pastoral counselors. article courtesy I was told this week that Mr. Marcus got syphilis from a Chicago stripper. If that’s true, add March 2nd to your Marcus timelineRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Something tells me Gene Ross over on doesn’t need the tarot cards at this point considering the rapid pace he’s putting adult entertainment industry puzzles together nowadays. ***Update 9.6.2012 : PornNewsToday officially withdraws support of  Nica Noelle and PornNewsToday will no long acknowledge Nica Noelle in ANY capacity. Not only does Nica Noelle appear to support a man who KNOWINGLY exposed his peers to his Syphilis (an STD which could result in health issues and possibly death), but as of current it’s been observed that Nica is supportingRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I personally don’t believe Mr. Marcus in regards to his claim that Talent Testing willingly altered his STD test. Talent Testing was the first center I utilized when I began my career in porn back in 2008 and I found them to be very professional. Sixto from Talent Testing Talks To Mike South By MikeSouth August 24th, 2012 I’m on the phone talking to Sixto Pacheco.As I talk to him I can hear the anger in his voice, but even more than anger there is a deep hurt.Read More