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Alexandra Mayers commentary: Most in the porn industry blogosphere today are chattering about a Canadian pornstar who went over seas to Bali for sexwork where she was allegedly raped (and unfortunately will have very little legal recourse being that the incident didn’t happen in the USA).  However I find this particular death a bit more of interest than the rape being that it happened in Las Vegas, NV (which is where many California pornstars are making the mistake of relocating to) and being that this death appears to have beenRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Well, I suppose that if Bill Cosby were to commit suicide Thomas Ward (of Not The Cosbys XXX) would play him in a tasteless TV documentary. spotted on TheDailyBeast A British TV channel is producing a docuseries that will recreate Robin Williams’s suicide using an impersonator who has also starred in porn films. For fuck’s sake. Pardon the language, but the pathetic lunacy of this is just too much. According to British newspapers, Channel 5 will reconstruct Williams’s final days, including a depiction ofRead More
Monica Foster commentary:  Jenna’s either going to do a complete 180 degree turn around at this stage, and we’ll witness one of the most amazing “come backs” of all time…or she’s going to completely self destruct. Maybe Jenna losing her home is what prompted the incidents below… I hope there’s someone in her life who really cares about her, who can help her help herself. To those in and attached to the Los Angeles pornographic industry (and Satanism), who are encouraging Tito Ortiz to utilize Jenna Massoli’s children as aRead More
Monica Foster commentary: 2 gay pornstar suicides back to back … that says a lot. Don’t doubt that a wave of straight pornstar suicides is on the horizon (please keep in mind that the best murderers are VERY SKILLED at making the murder APPEAR to be a suicide). article spotted PinkNews A French gay porn star has been found dead two weeks after the suicide of his American husband. Wilfried Knight, the star of gay porn films by Lucas Entertainment and Falcon Studios was found dead on 5 March inRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I’m glad this article notes that “sex work isn’t easy work — not least because of the stigma and meager income”. May Arpad rest in peace. article spotted on the Huffington Post   Popular gay porn star Arpad Miklos has been found dead in his New York apartment. On the latest installment of “Gwissues,” Howard Bragman interviewed New York writer Randal Lynch, who confirmed that Miklos (whose real name is Peter Kozma) died Feb. 3 after having apparently committed suicide. He was 45 years old. Though Lynch said thatRead More
Monica Foster commentary: This article illustrates why the Los Angeles porn industry needs to wake up and follow the law in regards to the condom mandates which are now in full effect. It only takes one time of unprotected sex to contract HIV.  spotted on from – Like many others, former Playboy Playmate Rebekka Armstrong thought that HIV could not affect her. When she became ill at age 22, she found out she was wrong. In an interview with Jewell Cardwell in the Akron Beacon Journal from Nov. 29, 2009,Read More