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Within the porn industry blogosphere, rumor has it that a man known as “Dave” of The Luxury Companion attained via unscrupulous means via the filing a lawsuit (which revolved around the theme of “defamation”) against Mike South (aka Michael Strother). In addition, rumor has it that “Dave” loaned Sean Matthew Tompkins aka @TRPWL a dollar amount in the excess of $7,000 to attain partial control of (a website which advertises LA Direct Models, Spiegler Girls and the Lee Network). On May 23, 2017 – Alexandra Mayers (fka MonicaRead More - a new website to identify stalkers and bullies on social media sites such as Twitter
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Since 2010, Donny Long aka Donald Carlos Seoane has stalked, bullied, harassed, threatened and terrorized a multitude of individuals utilizing the social networking platform Twitter (via his aliases @xxxfilmjobs and @realadultjobs).  Though at one point, Seoane’s company xxxFilmJobs appeared to have been barred from twitter, April of 2015 , strangely the account was reactivated. As of this morning however, neither xxxFilmJobs or Donny Long are on twitter anymore.  A new anti-bully website called Tweeting Bullies ( has successfully worked with Twitter to suspend Seoane’sRead More
a Monica Foster observation: It appears that pornstars Leilani Leeane and Lia Lor have left the sinking ship of  nasty porn agent Mark Spiegler for Derek Hay of La Direct models (I guess Leilani and Lia didn’t want to end up on the secret area of Spiegler’s site: ChixPix). Though I’m not exactly pro LA Direct I must say it’s a good move considering that La Direct is currently the lesser of 2 evils being that Mark Spiegler associates with (and possibly hires) stalkers – of which CPS has had toRead More
Monica Foster commentary: One of the most popular “cougars” in the porn arena over the past few years was a performer who’s stage name was Desi Foxx – coincidently she also became one of the most controversial ex-pornstars since her and her daughter’s departure from the Los Angeles porn industry (she took legal action against the AIM clinic).  Curious as to what she’s up to nowadays? Well she’s gone back to school – take a look at her recent research paper! courtesy  EDITORIAL: I believe one of the mostRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Hmmm, my primary stalker who has defamed my father lives in Texas as well…it’s about time to face the music… courtesy from – Freedom of speech might be allowed on the Internet, but name calling? Not so much. A jury in Texas has awarded $13.8 million to a couple that filed a defamation lawsuit after being offended on the Internet. Three years after they filed a complaint against then-unknown users of an online forum, Mark and Rhonda Lesher [pictured] of Clarksville, Texas are expected toRead More