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Serenity Haze / Farrah Valentine alleged stalker
originally posted on ( Beware this guy falls in love with webcam girls, porn stars and when they finally tell him they won’t be with him sexually he starts to release their personal info and phone numbers to their fans and family, He has been linked to Michael S****** & John T**** who was stalking other girls on twitter and sending their under age family members their porn videos Down below i will out line all the proof i have to show you this man is dangerous and shouldRead More
men who hate women on twitter

Posted On April 29, 2016By Monica FosterIn Humor and Parody, stalkers

Men who hate women on Twitter are weird.

Kristina Wildeveld - a porn attorney who defends the worst criminals imaginable.
Alexandra Mayers commentary: Ever wonder exactly what type of attorney would defend a physically abusive husband, pimp and stalker attached to the organized crime arm of the porn industry?  Well it appears that Ari Scott Bass aka Michael Whiteacre’s attorney is none other than criminal defense Las Vegas lawyer Kristina Wildeveld. Wildeveld has defended some of the worst of the most vile and despicable criminals.  In 2010, Wildeveld represented a Las Vegas man who killed his live-in girlfriend by stabbing her 25 times in front of their infant child, and who thenRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary:  My first year working within the pornographic industry as a performer, I had an agent who realized quickly that I’m computer savvy.  He offered me an opportunity to assist him in recruiting other young women into the pornographic industry, and one of the key ways he went about finding women to approach in regards to becoming a pornstar was through DATING WEBSITES. I wound up declining the chance to become a recruiter… it simply didn’t feel right. The reason I decided to recount thatRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Is SugarDaddy dating prostitution? I don’t feel that it necessarily is and neither do many attorneys. Las Vegas attorney Allen Lichtenstein recently stated that the legal parameters of prostitution are clouded. Mr Lichtenstein said: “Any relationship that is an ongoing one that’s not purely about sex but may have a sexual aspect to it, you can’t really classify as prostitution.” Ironically, according to porn industry blogger Sean Matthew Tompkins aka TRPWL (of The Real Pornwikileaks), sugardaddy dating is escorting (prostitution).  In fact on NovemberRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Attention pornstars who escort… say goodbye to the nice, socially awkward Silicon Valley clients you’ve grown accustomed to, and say hello to pornstar Nikita Denise’s stalker Tristan Stadtmuller. The merger of pimps, pornstars and gun enthusiasts doesn’t appear to be the best idea…but situations typically do get worse before they get better. Porn’s great rotation: Goodbye tech, hello 2nd Amendment Porn, it would seem, has traded in one set of bedfellows for another. For 12 years, the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) and CES went hand inRead More
Welcome to the launch “Jewacre” – a new animated parody series from the mind of Alexandra Mayers (formerly known as Monica Foster). Jewacre will relate much of the truth of the Los Angeles porn industry in an insightful, educational & comedic way. This series may get a bit vulgar at times, however the character it is built on was inspired by a man who has harassed, terrorized, stalked and bullied Alexandra for over 3 years…if you were to encounter this man, you would quickly realize that there is no amountRead More
***Take a look at the actual RESTRAINING ORDER which was provided to Mike South of at the bottom of this post.  ***As of 6:36pm PST on 08/28/2014 Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre violated the social media terms of the RESTRAINING ORDER. Evidence at the bottom of this post. Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: I TOLD YOU ALL for the longest time that Whiteacre has a serious problem, yet few of you listened.  According to Mike South of, that poor guy Patrick Stone (who’s already been to hellRead More
Monica Foster commentary: In my opinion sites such as and even (more and more pornstars are being listed in the “mainstream” IMDB database which includes pornstars REAL NAMES in many cases) are databases which open the door to stalking. One major issue I feel which needs to be addressed in regards to privacy of adult entertainers is the proper handling of the 2257 paperwork…I feel the 2257 system is necessary to ensure that no one underage appears in adult films, but from what I’ve witnessed, that paperwork ANDRead More
Monica Foster commentary: The further myself and team PornNewsToday investigates into the backgrounds of those who are employed by Twitter, the more disturbing we’re finding the truth to be. The reality of the situation is that the men who work for social networking companies (such as twitter) between the ages of 26 and 46 are often some of the least emotionally developed but most sociopathic porn and sex addicts on the planet. Look for an upcoming article that delves into the public life and history of a twitter employee byRead More