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Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Remember boys and girls – nowadays the likelihood of your real name being linked to your stage name is extremely high. Whether it’s facial recognition software that outs you or a google text search – once you expose your body in porn, you also expose your identity to the world. spotted via NewsWeek A new facial recognition tool is being used to reveal the true identities of porn actresses and sex workers for the purpose of “outing” them to their families and social media contacts.Read More
Monica Foster commentary: I want a “Pandora for personalities” that I can implant remotely into any man-slave of my choosing at will. spotted on Gizmodo PornIQ, a new website billing itself as the Pandora of streaming smut, has done for self-love what a dozen other services have done for music. It was only a matter of time. It’s everyone’s favorite time of year—the birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing, and PornHub has just released a big, ol’ sticky… Read… Created by our friends over at PornHub, PornIQ seeks to offer youRead More
Monica Foster commentary: That was fast. article spotted on  In response to many torrent sites being blocked by ISPs in the UK, dozens of proxies sprang up to ensure that users could still enjoy access. However, ISPs responded to rightsholder requests by blocking proxy sites too. Now a new service has appeared that not only unblocks torrent sites, but also unblocks proxies. It’s called Immunicity – and it’ll crack Cameron’s porn filter too. With its ongoing efforts to censor the Internet, the UK has been developing quite a reputationRead More
Monica Foster commentary: These extortion attempts really need to come to a close… At this stage the adult entertainment industry has linked 2 of the most well respected occupations (computer programming and legal) to extortion.  Truth be told, the adult entertainment industry really is a VERY SMALL group of individuals, it’s time for law enforcement to get serious and track down the individuals who are coming up with all these schemes! Canada does seem to be where much of it stems from. spotted on Vancouver Sun MONTREAL — Visit aRead More
Monica Foster commentary: This isn’t a good idea porn valley…in fact this business move is going to bite a meaty chunk out of your pretentious asses – and I’m GLAD! article courtesy ZDnet Summary: Porn companies have begun adopting facial-recognition technology that allows any user to search for a face in their databases with an uploaded photo. It could become a privacy nightmare. Two porn companies are courting web surfers to upload photos they find online to the companies’ free facial-recognition, face-matching database services.  With and Naughty America’s “Face” anyoneRead More