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17 Reasons why you may want to date an ex-pornstar, ex-escort or former sex worker
Alexandra Mayers shares 17 reasons why those who may have never considered dating an ex-pornstar, ex-escort or ex-sexworker may want to – and why (in her opinion) the vast majority of individuals who already believe that they DO want to date an ex-pornstar, ex-escort or former sex worker in actuality are not good enough to do so. From Unicorns, to the “dark side” of society, to genetics, to family, to intuition, to independent thought – Alexandra Mayers goes into extensive detail as to what it REALLY takes to qualify toRead More
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Alexandra Mayers commentary: Kristin should have read my book Perfect For Porn – that probably would have deterred her from moonlighting as a webcam model (which nowadays unfortunately is viewed by mainstream society as being the equivalent of a “pornstar”).  Cases like this are why I decided to turn my book into a free video series that you can access by visiting  Via Today’s lesson: Moonlighting as a porn star is a hard secret to keep. A high school teacher in Ohio resigned Monday after her second lifeRead More
courtesy Porn sites are officially banned in Pakistan. In what the local media is calling a bold move and “annoyance to society,” the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has given ISPs an initial list of 1,000 restricted websites that could grow to more than 170,000. Users visiting the blocked sites are redirected to an error message page that says, “This page is blocked due to restrictions enforced by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA).” According to News Pakistan, the PTA’s action may have been prompted by a “mystery man” hacker, knownRead More