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It seems like more people in the industry should be talking about this situation. Read the full article by clicking here. Read More
Monica Foster commentary: I’m glad that Gene Ross of and Rob Black of Sinister TV are doing their best to tell the porn industry & the public the truth about Diane Duke and the Free Speech Coalition … the only people they speak for are those who don’t respect the laws of the United States of America (a country which offers far more freedom and opportunity than almost anywhere else on Earth). Assembly Bill 332 (AB332) is an EMPLOYMENT LAW issue (just as Measure B was) – NOT ARead More
Monica Foster commentary: I didn’t catch up with the news until late in the afternoon today and in regards to this shooting…I’m in shock. I ask all my readers to take a moment to pray for those who were killed and those in mourning over their loved ones being killed. I personally feel that President Barack Obama IS correct in regards to “meaningful action” needing to be taken. There needs to be far more control over the availability of automatic weapons – especially in today’s society. Far too many peopleRead More