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Sean Tompkins (left) and Donny Long (right)
  Alexandra Mayers commentary: I’ve known for a long time that Sean Matthew Tompkins (of TRPWL The Real Pornwikileaks) works in tandem and in cooperation with Donald Carlos Seoane aka Donny Long (owner of the hate site that has terrorized pornstars for years – Pornwikileaks). I even made a video about it recently called Pornwikileaks Solved… However, last night Tompkins FINALLY openly admitted that he’s forged an alliance with Seoane aka Donny Long in the midst of a twitter feud with his ex partner Ari Scott Bass aka Michael Whiteacre.Read More
Monica Foster interviews Greg Lions – author, comedian and an ex pornstar from the 80’s known as Rod Pierce. Greg shares his experiences from when he worked as a pornstar and a live sex show performer. He discusses his encounters with Sharon Mitchell (who later became the head of Aim healthcare), Ron Jeremy, Vanessa Del Rio and many other well known pornstars. Greg gives a synoposis of the 2 books he’s written “A Tangled Web” – a fiction novel with a BDSM theme and “The Seduction of Rod Pierce” –Read More
  Monica Foster commentary: This is a very disturbing revelation – those involved with the now closed AIM testing facility definitely appear to be an extremely corrupt lot… courtesy Mention aporn” and “rape” in the same sentence and you are bound to get a whole lot of people upset. It doesn’t matter if you support the idea that sexually explicit material leads to violence against women, if you think the connection is a crock of shit or if you fall somewhere in between, just about everyone you ask hasRead More