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Diana fka Desi Foxx - "Connecting the Pervs" September 2015
Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary:  I’m so glad I’ve had the privilege of being Diana’s friend over the years.  Enjoy her September video webcast of her latest investigative series “Connecting the Pervs” (visit for more information). In this installment Diana discusses: the truth of Planned Parenthood, feminism, vaccinations, organ harvesting, the Ashley Madison data leak and it’s attachment to organized crime controlled prostitution rings, the legalization of prostitution, the truth of how a multitude of young girls lured into prostitution by pimps are mislabeled as “runaways”, the truthRead More
open casket - porn industry deaths
***Update: It appears that this week the total death count is actually 5.  Porn industry sales veteran Rick Wells died as did a gay pornstar by the name of Rick B. Perhaps there will be some more recognizable names next week… Alexandra Mayers commentary:  It seems the average expiration date of behind the scenes key porn industry figures is around 65. There’s a few who are long overdue to cross over or disappear in my opinion – for example: Karch, Hartley, Jeremy, Holland, Randall… rumor has it a few onRead More
  Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: By no means do I feel that War Machine fka Jonathan Koppenhaver should have physically assaulted Christy Mack.  That was wrong and he should take accountability and responsibility for his actions (I am NOT a War Machine fan). What I would like my readers to keep in mind though, is that technically (according to Anti Porn activist Shelley Lubben’s definition) Koppenhaver is a sex trafficking victim (yes, men can be sex trafficked just as women are).  In addition, technically considering that Mack recruitedRead More