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With the 2017 Adult Entertainment Expo just on the horizon, social media (especially Twitter) is abuzz with announcements, photos and videos by the public’s favorite pornstars who are prepping to make their annual trek to Las Vegas, NV… but this year the mood surrounding the Expo isn’t as lighthearted as it’s been in the past.  There’s a distinct tension in the air surrounding the 2017 Expo, and that tension specifically stems from the rapidly shifting political climate within the sphere of the Porn agents and the various other industry professionals who bothRead More
Alexandra Mayers commentary:  “1, 2, 3 strikes! You’re out” is the message that someone might want to leave on the political face of the porn industry’s predominantly Ashkenazi Jewish Free Speech Coalition board’s voicemail… For the 3rd time this month, an Ashkenazi Jewish piece of shit (this time Steve Hirsch of Vivid Entertainment) has exploited a Black person to fraudulently promote the pornographic to mainstream media (click here to learn what James Deen and Mark Kernes did earlier this month).   To make it even worse, Steve adds insult toRead More
Paul Nicoletti - porn attorney
via Porn studio Malibu Media files a lot of copyright lawsuits—more than any other entity in the US. In all, the company has filed more than 4,300 lawsuits since 2009, according to a report by Lex Machina. Malibu relies on a network of attorneys in several states to sue thousands of Internet users for downloading Malibu’s pornographic movies. Now, one of the main figures behind the litigation, attorney Paul Nicoletti, is in trouble with the law. This summer, Nicoletti was indicted on four charges of bank fraud, stemming from real estate deals he did back in 2005.Read More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary:  So since Dykstra scammed a privileged white pornstar this time rather than a financially challenged Black one, could LAPD finally put this animal down for good? Dyktra is one of those people who should be rendered completely brain dead via a lightening strike. article spotted on The trouble for former Phillies continues this week, with Lenny Dykstra now accused of stealing $50,000 worth of jewelry from Charlie Sheen’s porn star ex, Brett Rossi — allegations “Nails “has denied. “Sounds like the porn-star mentalityRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: As of yesterday, the video re-posted below was censored and deleted from Youtube without a detailed explanation. The video was labeled “inappropriate content”. Ironically there’s not one bit of nudity or profanity at all in the video below.  In addition there’s not a word of “hate speech”.  The video below is THE TRUTH of “How the Jewish and Satanists Insured the Porn Industry – Anti-Porn Activists are the Key”. How the Jewish and Satanists Insured the Porn Industry – Anti-Porn Activists are the KeyRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Seems to me like someone didn’t get enough attention at the last PAW [Protecting Adult Wellfare] bowling event considering their sour grapes tweets…so maybe this will help. Update 8.24.2013: Next weekend is Bill Margold’s annual bowling event – but questions: “Where does the money go?” (click here for info). Margold is the type of guy who think’s a pornstar getting her jaw busted on a Belladonna set is a “badge of honor”, so who knows what this crazy old kook is doing with the funds fromRead More
  Monica Foster of commentary: When you dance with the Devil in the pale moon light… angles close the gates of heaven.  Please notice that the xxxChurch logo is an artistic rendering of one of Los Angeles porn’s IDOLS Ron Jeremy (when he was in his prime). Sorry folks, but I have a feeling that the father of Jesus Christ doesn’t look too kindly upon a supposed Christian group’s avatar being the face of a man who has “fallen”. The xxxChurch is definitely a group to watch – especiallyRead More
Farrah is of the biblical lineage of Abraham – support her on her journey. Monica Foster commentary: Many people are going to say that Farrah’s only stating James Deen has a small penis because she’s “bitter” that he outed her sex tape as being a “scam” – but I personally think that there IS truth to her statement… What many people don’t realize about porn performers, is that for the most part both the women AND the men are VERY SMALL PEOPLE. When I was an active talent in theRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Be very careful when buying ANYTHING from online that’s not USA based (at least when you’re in the USA). spotted on Cnet Security firm Symantec says these fraudulent Android apps are using a one-click method, tricking Japanese-language porn lovers into registering for a paid service that doesn’t exist. Hundreds of Japanese porn apps in the Google Play marketplace are tricking porn seekers into shelling out $1,000 for a fake service, security firm Symantec has found. The company published a blog post today about the more than 200 fraudulent Android apps publishedRead More
Monica Foster commentary: OH YEA! Oprah is CHARGING into 2013!!!!! I am TOTALLY LOOKING FORWARD to this! OPRAH! OPRAH! OPRAH! Considering that Letterman is already saying that he was a victim of an extortion plot, I wonder if there is an LA porn industry or PIMP connection… article courtesy Mercury News  David Letterman will talk to Oprah Winfrey about the sex scandal that rocked his life back in 2009. On “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” scheduled to air Jan. 6, 2013, the very-private late night talk show host will discuss the extortionRead More