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Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: I predict Flynt & Hefner will expire the same week. They’re 2 of a kind without a doubt…   spotted on NYdailyNews The Hustler Honeys could soon displace the Playboy Bunnies at Hugh Hefner’s Los Angeles party palace. Hustler execs want to make an offer on the iconic mansion and confirmed that an internal memo obtained by Confidenti@l expressing their interest is the real deal. Though we’re told that the $200 million asking price is out of the question and that Hefner, 89, and hisRead More
Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Signing your name on the dotted line of a 2257 form and model release in the porn industry is essentially a blood pact with the Satan nowadays (actually a literally is considering that your actual blood is thrown into the equation via the required STD tests)… For those of you wondering exactly how much money Satan aka Lucifer is willing to give you for your soul – take a look at the article below (ironically the cameraperson aka soul collector is in the bestRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I wonder how white mid-western parents feel about their daughters being the primary targets of those of the Jewish faith who control the Los Angeles porn industry… The article below is PROOF of exactly what Los Angeles pornographers (sex traffickers) are looking for…and they’re sending out their best hunter – James Deen (a Robert Pattenson look alike) – to romance and lure (recruit) their target pray right into the world of national and international illegal prostitution and escorting which is the FOUNDATION of the Los Angeles pornRead More