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Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: It’s no coincidence that there’s been a rise in cases of Syphilis in Las Vegas as the porn industry has migrated in mass numbers to the area… via  LAS VEGAS (AP) — Health officials have declared a syphilis outbreak in the Las Vegas area. The Southern Nevada Health District said Wednesday that Clark County has had a 128 percent increase in reported syphilis cases since 2012. Officials said 615 of the 694 cases involved men being diagnosed in 2015. This marks Nevada asRead More
***Update 04/30/2014: California porn condom bill passes committee! Monica Foster commentary: Every pornstar (whether currently active in the industry or not), should send a huge THANK YOU to California Assemblyman Isadore Hall III and Michael Weinstein of the Aids Healthcare Foundation for caring enough to protect their health and safety. text below in part from LAweekly  A bill that would mandate condoms for porn performers in California passed a key hurdle in the state legislature this week. L.A. area Assemblyman Isadore Hall’s AB 1576 was passed unanimously by the Assembly’s CommitteeRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Another insightful post from the independent thinking Katie Summers. Below she questions as to why the Los Angeles porn industry doesn’t act like the family it proclaims itself to be.  Well, the answer is that the Los Angeles porn industry currently is a broken and dysfunctional family that’s in dire need of “family counseling” (the counselors are present, but things can only improve if the family starts actively listening to the counselors rather than fighting them). Hello Creatures, The past week has been hectic for the pornRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Brave young women like Katie Summers are why I have continued to fight (regardless of the consequences) to bring forth the truth of what’s happening within the Los Angeles porn industry. Bless you Katie Summers for speaking out. A PornNewsToday exclusive courtesy of Katie Summers Hello creatures, What a crazy week it has been for me, moving, organizing, camming, etc. What do y’all think about the condom law? I personally love it. Yes I get it, I was one of those dirty girls that did pretty muchRead More
Monica Foster commentary: This is NOT GOOD considering how many American pornstars frequently fly between the UK and the USA to work. As more details become available I will post them. ***Update***4.12.2012 – According to this was a “false alarm” ***Update*** AITA Calls for Suspension of all Shooting Until HIV Positive Is Confirmed From info below courtesy Details are sketchy at the moment but I got this: URGENT I have been contacted today by an adult performer who has had a positive test for HIV. This isRead More