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Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Signing your name on the dotted line of a 2257 form and model release in the porn industry is essentially a blood pact with the Satan nowadays (actually a literally is considering that your actual blood is thrown into the equation via the required STD tests)… For those of you wondering exactly how much money Satan aka Lucifer is willing to give you for your soul – take a look at the article below (ironically the cameraperson aka soul collector is in the bestRead More
Alexandra fka Monica Foster & Diana fka Desi Foxx in conjunction with PornInTheValley.com and PornNewsToday.com present another Porn and Hollywood News monthly review for February of 2015. While Diana covers the connections between the organized crime groups, sex trafficking and the pornographic industry, Alexandra goes into extensive detail as to how the Jewish not only control the porn industry, Hollywood, Banking and media, but how the Jewish Zionists specifically utilize pornography as a weapon against the American public. Alexandra and Diana also discuss President Barack Obama’s stance on violence againstRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Well, I suppose that if Bill Cosby were to commit suicide Thomas Ward (of Not The Cosbys XXX) would play him in a tasteless TV documentary. spotted on TheDailyBeast A British TV channel is producing a docuseries that will recreate Robin Williams’s suicide using an impersonator who has also starred in porn films. For fuck’s sake. Pardon the language, but the pathetic lunacy of this is just too much. According to British newspapers, Channel 5 will reconstruct Williams’s final days, including a depiction ofRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Back in the year 2000, when Free Speech Coalition executive director Diane Duke ran a Planned Parenthood center in Eugene, Oregon – she decided to dress her son Jason Thelen in a giant sperm costume and call him “Joe Sperm” (accompanied by a giant egg, condoms, pills, diaphragms and little sperm “swimming” behind a parade float) in effort to promote safe sex and condom usage. Duke and her associates received much criticism from various individuals and organizations in regards to this “awareness” campaign – namelyRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I cant even wrap my mind around this one… Now this guy got caught, but I wonder how many other psychos out of Canada attached to porn living in the San Fernando Valley have committed similar acts of violence. Nothing would surprise me now… spotted on NYdailyNews  Luka Magnotta ‘doesn’t feel well’ after seeing video evidence of the slaying of his ex-lover, Jun Lin. Magnotta has pleaded not guilty after being charged with stabbing Lin to death then having sex with and dismembering his corpse. The CanadianRead More
Monica Foster commentary: This video might as well be featured on Kink.com … The American music industry has a very large debt to pay to the illegal world of prostitution (aka the majority of the Los Angeles pornographic industry) of whom they’ve partied with for a very long time – here we go… article courtesy MTV (believe it or not) As we’ve come to expect from the “Blow” singer’s creative andunpredictable storytelling in her previous videos, “Die Young” takes the phrase “cult following” to a new level. Here are the five craziest moments:Read More
Monica Foster commentary: I’ve been trying to tell ya’ll for a long time that certain porn industry professionals take part in occult and/or satanic practices regularly…this is just the tip of the iceberg. article courtesy Xbiz.com Porn performer Raul Armenteros, aka “The Monster,” has pled guilty to 21 counts of cruelty to animals, a year after being arrested for having 21 animals locked up in his hot box van. Well-endowed Armenteros is a regular BangBros’ “Bang Bus” star who is known as Ramon in the films including “Ramonator 1 &Read More
Monica Foster commentary: If this isn’t proof that porn professionals from Canada are the scum of the earth, then I don’t know what is… Much of Luka’s activity echos of SATANIC ritual which may be in connection to Ordo Templi Orientis (Aleister Crowley) ritual. Many in the Los Angeles porn industry claim to belong to the Ordo Templi Orientis (many are CANADIAN as well). Canadian police are searching for a man in connection with a murder in Montreal. A male human torso was discovered in a suitcase in a pileRead More