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Enjoy this comprehensive & thorough 2015 Porn Industry & Hollywood News Year in Review hosted by ex pornstars & independent investigative journalists Alexandra aka Monica Foster & Diana fka Desi Foxx Alexandra & Diana cover various news items they have covered throughout 2015 on their websites & Learn the truth about how deeply organized crime & corruption is rooted within the pornographic industry – and how the criminal elements filter their way into both mainstream Hollywood entertainment and the political sphere. This webcast covers news items pertaining toRead More
Alexandra Mayers commentary: I read a GQ article that defined Dan Bilzerian as being “Bruce Wayne meets Hugh Hefner for the social media age”.  Well, that’s too bad because the last thing the world needs is another Hugh Hefner, and the only way I’d be willing to spend any amount of time with Bruce Wayne would be if I were to meet him as Batman first. Anyways, I don’t like Chris Brown’s new music video Liquor / Zero (which features Bilzerian at the end) AT ALL.  From the very start,Read More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: After listening to Lisa Wilkinson’s review of the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” I realized something… the character of Christian Grey is EXACTLY what nearly every man I’ve met attached to the pornographic industry is (minus the billions of dollars in most cases): “…an emotionally crippled narcissist no one could love”. Real women aren’t impressed by “Fifty Shades of Grey” – only brainwashed girls and boys who failed to become men are. spotted on DailyLife “Hmm, I wonder what Lisa Wilkinson really thought of Fifty Shades OfRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I REALLY love this new song by Beyoncé “Best Thing I Never Had” – from my perspective the lyrics illustrate my short lived romance with the Los Angeles porn industry… finding my place within that “industry” was truly the BEST THING I NEVER HAD! Starting 2002 I launched my career as a successful webcam model (which was far prior to my entering the Los Angeles porn scene in 2008), and in hindsight – I should have just continued on the solid path I’d already embarked on. Nowadays I’mRead More