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pornstar Gia Paige (photo via @GiaPaige on twitter) - hopefully she'll keep her younger sister OUT of pornography
Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Both myself and ex-pornstar Diana fka Desi Foxx have thought for years that there’s a certain group of criminal pornographers and porn agents who target and effectively sextraffick minors into the adult entertainment industry.  Well, today it appears I’ve found solid evidence of the issue… When pornstar Gia Paige (who’s currently with Hussie Models) entered the porn industry, she introduced her younger sister (who is 19 today) to her then agent, a man by the name of Scott Ohanian (known as Scottie Platinum).  AccordingRead More
Read what Diana fka Desi Foxx has to say about this too by clicking here. Briefly she was employed by Dennis Hof and she’s far more livid than even I am.  Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: I don’t like having to write a commentary about this, because I don’t like even touching the issue of the Nevada legal brothels.  I wanted for a VERY long time to view them as a legitimate, legal, safe and ethical enterprise…however as of late more and more of the truth of what’s goingRead More
Monica Foster commentary:  This is what can happen to you when you team up with the Los Angeles porn industry (namely Jessica Drake of Wicked Pictures & the Free Speech Coalition). I tried to contact Craig Gross of the xxxChurch via twitter to tell him to proceed with caution in regards to his throwing one of his own outreach team under the bus and publicly proclaiming that “Jessica Drake is right” – but I think I was too late. Jessica Drake it seems has whipped Gross into submission…That’s the onlyRead More
Monica Foster commentary: So I decided to check to get my daily dosage of world news headlines – and what do I see on the front page of their website? A feature piece entitled: ” Porn Stars Who Go Mainstram ”    Yes, it’s happened. The “mainstream” news sources such as CNN have finally decided to push the profession of being a pornstar to the youth of American society as a viable occupation. No, it doesn’t matter that the Los Angeles porn industry is in horrible economic shape currently,Read More
Quite a few current and ex-pornstars love to criticize and condemn anyone who questions their actions or life decisions. Ironically however, many of the current and ex-pornstars who feel under “attack”, have indeed made some very serious life blunders. Cast your vote as to what you think is the WORST thing a pornstar can do… [poll id=’1′]Read More
courtesy and Desi Foxx EDITORIAL: Since the porn industry and porn addicts always say that porn reduces rape, this study is significant. And the fact that one of Porn Valley’s most prominent college recruiters is Dr. Chauntelle Anne Tibbals shows that this University is harboring sexual predators and rapists so STUDENTS AND PARENTS SHOULD BE WARNED. This woman calls herself an expert, promotes herself as one to teach YOUR CHILDREN sex education and as you can see from the following article, she is actually presenting her paper, “Adult FilmRead More