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charlie sheen and bree olson - rehab
Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Last month Charlie Sheen’s ex girlfriend/goddess Bree Olson (real name Rachel Oberlin) made it known to the public that she’s had a difficult time since leaving the porn industry to pursue a “mainstream” acting career. Currently Rachel places the majority of the blame for her difficulties in life upon society  (how she’s been stigmatized as an ex sex worker and discriminated against as an ex pornstar).  However, over the past couple of weeks, she’s realized that she’s addicted to some medications that have been prescribed toRead More
Monica Foster commentary: It’s true, watching porn can mess up your memory…however watching live webcam shows such as mine on Streamate has been proven to help improve memory and increase your IQ 🙂 article courtesy medicaldaily  Watching porn may be fun for some people, but that does not mean that they actually remembered what they just watched. That is because sexual arousal can interfere with short-term memory, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Sex Research. In a study conducted by graduate student Christian Laier, his professor, andRead More