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Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: A couple days ago, I noticed a porn director (known as @JustDaveXXX on twitter) ranting about an issue he’d had on set in regards to a female pornstar…a pornstar who apparently was Black. He stated: I book this black girl to do a GG scene with another black. Simple right? Of course not!! Girl: “Do I have to kiss her or touch her pussy?“ But they take it in the ass, do ATMs and take facials. Lol Need a black girl who likes blackRead More
Alexandra Mayers commentary:  After reading the emotion filled and poorly written Op-Ed Mark Kernes of the Free Speech Coalition posted on AVN yesterday, it’s pretty clear that he’s one of those people who loses the capacity to think rationally when he gets upset. Aside from Kernes revealing his rather disturbingly unhealthy obsession with ex-pornstars Desi and Elle Foxx (who he unjustly blames for the closure of the porn industry’s failed STD testing facility AIM), Kernes presents what I might have to deem the most idiotic and illogical comparison of theRead More
pornstar Vanessa Blue (left) and sports legend Serena WIlliams (right - front and back)
*Update: A reliable source has provided PornNewsToday with solid evidence that Michael Fattorosi & porn publicist James Bartholet are regular Pornwikileaks forum posters and wiki editors. As of recent Fattorosi started a thread titled “The PWL black female performer appreciation thread” in effort to deflect from his racist rants aimed towards Black women (the thread features a decade old photo of Vanessa Blue). Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Back in 2008 when I met pornstar Vanessa Blue I knew instantaneously that she was a self hating Black woman.  Immediately uponRead More
Alexandra Mayers commentary:  Pornographer Ashley Jason Gasper aka Jules Jordan (one of Jenna Haze’s many ex boyfriends – who’s not much different from Matthew Paul Holder) isn’t as much of a big shot as you think…in fact he’s just a front man for about 3 people who fund his pornographic studio and attached ventures.  However, when it comes to whether or not he’s a piece of shit – I can personally attest that he indeed is one of the most disgusting human beings that you could ever have the misfortuneRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: This afternoon California Assemblymember Isadore Hall III presented Assembly Bill 1576 (AB1576) to the California Senate Appropriations committee.  Though the bill was placed on “suspense”, it is far from being halted or dismissed.  The bill will be reviewed next week, which is fantastic from my perspective, because it gives the California Senate members additional time to learn more about exactly what types of individuals in the pornographic industry oppose the bill and why. The California Senate Appropriations committee hearing was webcast live through theRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I thought about this post about 24 hours prior to writing it due to the racially sensitive and legal elements.  Legally, issues attached to this situation have already been settled, though the three parties I will be discussing in this post are still active within the Los Angeles porn industry (two of which however, should not be due to their consistently despicable actions). Over the past couple of days, porn legend and Los Angeles porn industry staple Christy Canyon of Playboy Radio has been a “hot topic”Read More
***Update 4.3.2013 : As of today Philip has continued with with his tirade of hateful insulting emails. I’ve suggested that he save his money to purchase publicity to his liking through the porn industry news outlets that he’s accustomed to. Hopefully this write up helped him to sell a few copies of his racist movies to his KKK fanbase of which he caters to. Monica Foster commentary: Philip Rivera aka T.T. Boy ( TTboy ) is upset today over an issue which stems from over a year ago (November 2011Read More
Monica Foster commentary: I wonder how white mid-western parents feel about their daughters being the primary targets of those of the Jewish faith who control the Los Angeles porn industry… The article below is PROOF of exactly what Los Angeles pornographers (sex traffickers) are looking for…and they’re sending out their best hunter – James Deen (a Robert Pattenson look alike) – to romance and lure (recruit) their target pray right into the world of national and international illegal prostitution and escorting which is the FOUNDATION of the Los Angeles pornRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Jenna Jameson’s mentality is exactly why I had to blog about the Los Angeles porn industry not really being supporters of Democrats or Barack Obama. I suppose I need to start making a list of all the Los Angeles pro and anti porn big mouth losers who have a problem with Barack Obama… lets see who do we have so far… Jenna Jameson (ex pornstar who claims she’ll never spread her legs for porn again…we’ll see) , Desi Foxx (entered Los Angeles porn with her daughter andRead More
A Monica Foster commentary: Take a look at this video, and see for yourself how cocky and unjustifiably self assured the Los Angeles porn industry in regards to the Democrats ( Barack and Michelle Obama specifically ) not ever considering putting a stop to their criminal activity… The only reason there hasn’t been a Michele Obama porn parody is because when porn director Rick Davis asked that I play the role, I turned it down. Also don’t forget about the Barack Obama porn parody (isn’t it strange how the guyRead More