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Click here to read the complete article on Comedian and actor Chris Rock has joined the list of celebrities in Hollywood who are speaking out against porn and the effect it’s had on their life and marriage. While on his “Total Blackout” comedy tour last week, Rock opened up about struggling with a porn addiction that ended his 16-year marriage to Malaak Compton. According to the Inquisitr, Rock confessed that his addiction to porn created a wedge between him and his now ex-wife. He also admitted to having difficultyRead More
via Men who prefer porn to sex have higher rates of erectile dysfunction, says new research It seems like there’s a buzzed-about new stat or study about porn every week, whether it’s the idea that watching it can help you go on better dates or the fact that people in highly religious states watch it more than anyone else. The latest porn finding is pretty gloomy. Men who prefer porn and masturbation to real-life sex are likelier to experience erectile dysfunction according to research recently presented at the AmericanRead More
Noah Filipiak LANSING, Michigan, March 8, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – A church pastor who overcame an addiction to pornography says that porn is a national public health crisis. Noah Filipiak is a Teaching Pastor at Crossroads Church in Lansing, Michigan.  He admitted on the church’s website: “Starting around the mid-to-late 90’s when home internet began to become commonplace, pornography has been raising generations of children. It did me.” The pastor continued: “I was a good church kid who genuinely loved Jesus, but my family happened to get home internet when I wasRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: This is a VERY interesting read.  The philosophy behind it helps to explain a LOT about many obsessed porn fan’s aggressive and often negative behavior towards and cyber bullying of pornstars on twitter… article spotted on An intriguing new study in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy found that the more narcissistic people were, the more internet pornography they watched. For both men and women ranging in age from 18 to 61 years, those who watched more porn scored higher on testsRead More
***Update: Click here for Christy Mack’s statement as to what exactly happened and click here for (graphic) photos of her injuries. An Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Yesterday morning I heard the news of a horrific, but not surprising, situation between pornstar Christy Mack and pornstar / MMA fighter Jonathon Koppenhaver aka War Machine.  Christy (and another unnamed victim) was allegedly assaulted in her home by War Machine resulting in a broken jaw and eye socket.  As of current Christy is in the hospital and has stated that she isRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Told ya so…this is why government regulation is vital. spotted on Lifesitenews  October 9, 2013 (Public Discourse) – The other day, I overheard a guy say that Starbucks was “the greatest drug dealer in the United States.” Being a guilty party to that sort of “drug dealing,” I’ll recuse myself from discussing the merits of such a charge. But what if I told you that the internet “is the greatest drug dealer in the United States?” A growing body of research supports such an assertion as it relates toRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I’ve said it a million times before but I’ll say it again… PORN IS A PSYCHOLOGICAL DRUG – which is one of many reasons as to why it needs to be regulated by the government (and I should be a private consultant to the Secretary of Adult Media). article spotted on GuardianLV  A recently conducted study shows that 75%-80% of males in America are addicted to porn; the overwhelming majority of whom are teens under the legal age limit of 18 years. It is a sad momentRead More
Monica Foster commentary:  Vanessa Belmond fka Alexa Cruz’s testimony in regards to the realities of working in the Los Angeles porn industry will save countless women. As I was tweeting last night, the FATHERS OF AMERICA need to beat the living hell out of the predatorial men who make up the Los Angeles porn industry.  The FATHERS OF AMERICA need to realize that the men of the Los Angeles porn industry are LAUGHING as they are fucking, degrading, beating and destroying America’s  daughters. The time to take a stand isRead More
Monica Foster commentary: This is what may have happened to Richard Nanula. Unfortunately, it seems people attached to the world of pornography without a conscience identified and exploited his condition. spotted on The Guardian  Scan images show that watching online ‘adult’ sites can alter our grey matter, which may lead to a change in sexual tastes. ***photo: A doctor looks at a heroin addict’s brain scans. New research shows men who say they are addicted to porn … develop changes in the same area – the reward centre – that changesRead More
Monica Foster commentary: One of the major debates over the next decade will circle around the validity of “porn addiction”.  I’m planning on going back to school for a technology related occupation, but a part of me wonders if I’d be of more use as a counselor for “porn addicts”. We’ll see. article spotted on USAtoday Ariel Castro told a Cleveland judge Friday that he has a “sexual problem” and is “addicted to pornography” after accepting a plea deal on kidnapping, rape and murder charges that will keep him imprisonedRead More