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Get to know Dave of KingSavageMedia.com – he’s working wonders for Xhamster.com! source:  http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/madonna-offers-oral-sex-hillary-voters-amy-schumer-gig-article-1.2836485 – xHamster, who is sex positive, would like to extend an offer to Madonna, who was quoted in saying, “If you vote for Hillary Clinton, I will give you a blowjob … and I am good.”  Madonna continued, “I take my time, I have … eye contact and I do swallow.”     – Kenneth “Ken” Bone, an undecided voter, who the Internet made famous for his red sweater getup at the second US Presidential Debate, has notRead More
Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary:  The report below really makes you wonder about the “negative” test results of the women who had unprotected sex with HIV positive Charlie Sheen (such as Brett Rossi and Bree Olsen). Click here for the official CDC report on the ON SET porn industry HIV transmission. via USAtoday.com (NEWSER) – Frequent testing alone can’t prevent the spread of HIV, researchers stress in a CDC report on a few cases centered in the porn industry. Researchers say a 25-year-old male porn actor, labeled “Patient A,” tested negative forRead More
Why does John Legree of T Mobile look like he's sitting on a Kink.com armory set in this photo?

Posted On November 17, 2015By Monica FosterIn technology

Evil Angel Wants to Offer T-Mobile Users Unlimited Porn

Alexandra Mayers commentary: Wouldn’t it be funny if Charlie Sheen became the spokesperson for T-mobile’s “Binge On” program? Considering that Sheen and porn director John Stagliano of Evil Angel might share the same “undetectable” HIV strain, I think such a move would be quite appropriate… spotted on PCmag  Porn studio Evil Angel would like to be the first adult video purveyor to offer its wares without a data cap on T-Mobile. As part of T-Mobile’s new Binge On plan, 24 video sites are now exempt from T-Mobile’s data caps. AccordingRead More
Image from Daveney Nicole' aka Kacey Jordan's instagram (left) and Image from Daily Mail article (right). Same shirt, same hair, same girl. Why hide?
Update 11/16/2015 – according to People.com a source has revealed that Charlie Sheen is HIV positive and will be making an official announcement. Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary:  I’ve never met Kacey Jordan, but we have a few mutual acquaintances.  I must say, she’s either an undiagnosed case of autism or a self promotional genius – I’m not quite certain as to which… This early afternoon I took note that Xbiz picked up a story initially reported on the DailyMail.co.uk about an “unnamed pornstar” telling all in regards toRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: This situation was just brought to my attention this afternoon, and it’s one of the most dangerous and incredibly irresponsible situations that I’ve witnessed in regards to the porn industry’s political face, the Free Speech Coalition… Seasoned pornstar of over 7 years, Kora Peters @KoraPeters, took to her twitter early this morning and questioned: “How come @FSCArmy & @apacsocial didn’t tell #PornStars about production hold until after the hold was over? It wasn’t on FSC website!” As you can see in Kora’s tweets whichRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: As many are aware, this past weekend a “false” HIV positive test result was reported by porn industry news and blog sources.  Though many in the porn industry are “breathing a sigh of relief”, at this stage active performers need to do a bit of research on the truth of HIV & AIDS. HIV testing is not standardized.  Whether you are positive or negative varies from country to country as you’ll learn in the video below.  For example, a person can test positive forRead More
***UPDATE 02: Nina Devon received her HIV test results back this afternoon (see bottom of post). According to the screenshot she provided to PornNewsToday she is NEGATIVE and CLEAR of HIV. In addition, she has stated that she is working on moving her life in a direction away from adult work entirely. ***UPDATE 01: Nina Devon has stated she has retired from porn scenes, though she is still active as an independent adult entertainer. June 18th, Nina posted this RipOffReport in regards to her situation.  June 25, 2014 Nina hasRead More
Monica Foster commentary: You know, I thought I was a little over the top when I put together the cartoon in the video below. I guess not… I have a feeling John Stagliano has been thinking along the lines of Michael Lucas for YEARS.  Now it’s just all out in the open… article spotted on PinkNews  Gay porn producer Michael Lucas has defended his decision to produce bareback porn and says that he does not use condoms with his boyfriend who is HIV positive. In an exclusive interview with Queerty, Lucas said:Read More
Monica Foster commentary: So as of current, it seems that you’re given a “Pass” to be an active performer in the Los Angeles porn industry talent pool if you are POSITIVE for Herpes, Syphilis and have a low enough viral load count for HIV (in other words, you could be positive for HIV as John Stagliano is, but still pass certain STD tests the Free Speech Coalition endorses – and therefore be cleared to work…scary isn’t it). spotted on AultFYI.com Here’s the Syphilis Document That Will Likely Hang Diane DukeRead More
Monica Foster commentary: My heart goes out to all those who have contracted HIV within the Los Angeles porn industry. I personally feel, something far greater than we humans, is specifically telling the Los Angeles porn industry to STOP RIGHT NOW (yet, they still don’t listen). article spotted on AdultFYI Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily tweets: I felt bad for the guy who had to read me my first test result. His face turned to stone, I wanted to give him a hug and say it will be ok @JusserPirela: no symptoms.Read More