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In this Alexandra Mayers exclusive interview, Alexandra interviews Prince Jarl Alexandre Alé de Basseville the Artist, Photographer, Businessman & Social Activist who released the erotic, nude photographs of Melania Trump (Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s wife). In this interview Alexandra and Prince Jarl Alexandre Alé de Basseville discuss why he released the photographs of Melania Trump, his legitimate Normandy royal lineage and family, his thoughts on the difference between art and pornography, Donald Trump’s recent announcement in regards to signing a pledge to fight online pornography, politics in America, politics inRead More
A Monica Foster twitter observation: One of the best ways for fans to keep up with their favorite pornstars (even after they’ve retired) is via their official twitter account! Earlier this year, the multi-award winning pornstar Jenna Haze announced her retirement from performing – however though she’s no longer working the xxx camera , she’s still out and about. It appears that Jenna (@jenxstudios on twitter) is not only keeping busy by making cameos in her BFF Taylor Momsen’s music videos and stage shows. It seems she’s also a part ofRead More