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Jennifer O'Kane
***As of 12.01.2016 Jennifer O’Kane publicly posted her RAPE CASE number in regards to her allegations against Dennis Hof: 16NY3815 Pahrump NV  ***  As of the week of October 21, 2016 the United State’s law enforcement system & government are now officially aware (via Jennifer O’Kane’s official statement to the Pahrump, Nevada District Attorney) that legal brothel owner Dennis Hof is facing serious allegations of rape. In an exclusive interview with Jennifer O’Kane (Calico Club legal brothel owner, business woman & women’s rights activist), investigative blogger Alexandra Mayers hasRead More
Monica Foster commentary: For those who follow my twitter, you know that I’ve come to the conclusion that legalization of prostitution in America (in far more locations than one county in Nevada) is a good idea.  Not only would decriminalizing prostitution protect the safety of sex workers – it would decrease sex-trafficking, eliminate criminal & abusive pimps, cut the flow of funding to organized crime groups (as outlines), decrease the negative stigma much of the public has of sex-workers, protect sex-worker clientele from extortion schemes, decrease the transmission ofRead More