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Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Back in the year 2000, when Free Speech Coalition executive director Diane Duke ran a Planned Parenthood center in Eugene, Oregon – she decided to dress her son Jason Thelen in a giant sperm costume and call him “Joe Sperm” (accompanied by a giant egg, condoms, pills, diaphragms and little sperm “swimming” behind a parade float) in effort to promote safe sex and condom usage. Duke and her associates received much criticism from various individuals and organizations in regards to this “awareness” campaign – namelyRead More
Monica Foster commentary: There’s only one reason that Larry Flynt (or whoever is pushing his wheelchair) is trying to “save” Franklin from lethal injection. It’s because the moment Franklin crosses over, Larry will be judged & sentenced by the one who has watched him for every second of his vomit inducing, “Barely Legal” hocking, disgusting life. In case I didn’t make my opinion clear enough Larry, let me spell it out for you: SHUT THE FUCK UP LARRY FLYNT.  YOUR SHOOTER SHOULD BE KILLED AND YOU DESERVE TO BE EXECUTEDRead More
Diana Grandmaison fka Desi Foxx has launched a new website: www.AmericanSatanism.com  AmericanSatanism.com is a site dedicated to exposing the public to who and what are affecting our religious rights in America and trying to keep God out of the public eye. They are affecting EVERYTHING our children are exposed to and they are using their influences to corrupt the SOULS of EVERYONE they can. Even if you don’t believe in God and Satan, no one can deny there’s both Good and Evil in our World. Don’t you want a WorldRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I’ve been trying to tell ya’ll for a long time that certain porn industry professionals take part in occult and/or satanic practices regularly…this is just the tip of the iceberg. article courtesy Xbiz.com Porn performer Raul Armenteros, aka “The Monster,” has pled guilty to 21 counts of cruelty to animals, a year after being arrested for having 21 animals locked up in his hot box van. Well-endowed Armenteros is a regular BangBros’ “Bang Bus” star who is known as Ramon in the films including “Ramonator 1 &Read More
 Monica Foster commentary: Mainstream society, pornography and Aleister Crowley don’t mix AND NEVER WILL … told you so (and so did P.B. Randolph). courtesy Businessinsider.com UPDATE: Groupon confirmed to Business Insider this afternoon, “we aren’t currently accepting new adult merchants,” although those types of businesses are being constantly evaluated at a local level. See the company’s full statement below.   EARLIER: Groupon, which once offered a walking tour of San Francisco-based porn studio Kink.com and a tour of the Playboy mansion, no longer does business with adult entertainment vendors, according to Morality in Media, a morals pressure group. MIM hadRead More
Monica Foster commentary: If this isn’t proof that porn professionals from Canada are the scum of the earth, then I don’t know what is… Much of Luka’s activity echos of SATANIC ritual which may be in connection to Ordo Templi Orientis (Aleister Crowley) ritual. Many in the Los Angeles porn industry claim to belong to the Ordo Templi Orientis (many are CANADIAN as well). Canadian police are searching for a man in connection with a murder in Montreal. A male human torso was discovered in a suitcase in a pileRead More
  Monica Foster commentary: I don’t have to say much in regards to this situation…do I? I wonder which porn paroddy director has gotten a head start on the XXX adaptation of this flick… Remember Hollywood Actor folk…if you don’t play the XXX parody game with the Los Angeles porn industry they’ll send sex scandal and Gloria Allred after you. from the desk of Desi Foxx on PornInTheValley.com Posted Thursday May 17, 2012 6:29 PM GMT Ladies, you might find yourself wanting a copy of June’s Playboy issue because noneRead More