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Serenity Haze / Farrah Valentine alleged stalker
originally posted on ( Beware this guy falls in love with webcam girls, porn stars and when they finally tell him they won’t be with him sexually he starts to release their personal info and phone numbers to their fans and family, He has been linked to Michael S****** & John T**** who was stalking other girls on twitter and sending their under age family members their porn videos Down below i will out line all the proof i have to show you this man is dangerous and shouldRead More
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It’s been known since the days of independent investigative bloggers Luke Ford and Gene Ross, that the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) embodies an extraordinarily high level of hypocrisy…however there is no FSC attorney lawfirm like the one supported by pornstar and male prostitute (Donald Carlos Seoane – a man known to pimp his pregnant wife on webcam) … a law firm and coven of porn industry and pedophile defense attorney’s who’s level of hypocrisy can only be defined as being “from a completely different dimension” (quite possibly the realm knownRead More
***Read the full report at the end of this post. Alexandra Mayers commentary: If there’s justice in the Universe, the developers and operators of Pornwikileaks (along with individuals such as Ari Scott Bass and Sean Matthew Tompkins) will be held accountable for the assault against me, my family and the multitudes of others the venture targeted. Cyber violence is psychological warfare – and in regards to how pornography ties into it all…today’s pornographic industry is essentially entirely controlled by ORGANIZED CRIME (in other words, today criminals are fraudulently labeling themselvesRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: In the wake of 22 year old Elliot Rodger’s May 23rd, 2014 shooting spree, which resulted in the deaths of 7 college students (6 sorority girls and 1 young man according to mainstream news), the media (especially social media and the blogopshere) has been buzzing with speculation as to what exactly happened to lead to such a nightmarish conclusion. Well, I believe I know what two of the primary factors were that played into Elliot Rodger’s warped racist and misogynistic mindset: 1) The Pornographic (adult film) industry  (ElliotRead More
Monica Foster commentary: This is the truth. Anyone still trying to make a “career” out of the Los Angeles porn industry who isn’t on Rob Black’s team after reading this is a complete idiot. article originally posted on How is it that the porn business is dead? How did we go from being a great and powerful business that was semi-glamorous, where anyone who worked hard could prosper to being a parody? Like a styrofoam company, one of those once profitable but now virtually extinct industries? Or an asbestosRead More
Monica Foster commentary: If porn is to technology – is legal prostitution to economy? Trust me when I suggest you join me on my quest to legalize prostitution by 2016…those potential tax dollars are the KEY to getting the United States out of debt. article spotted on BusinessInsider Even though Google Glass just banned porn, the adult industry still looks to adapt and drive new technology. Whether its interactive motion-controlled porn, sexual avatars, biofeedback or 3D video, the adult industry looks to perfect and broaden the commercialization of new technologies,Read More
Monica Foster commentary: All I have to say at this stage as a long time psychological drug dealer (in the form of live cam shows) is to take everything in MODERATION (whether it be a physical substance or a psychological influence). article spotted on TheAtlantic About a year ago, I was regularly seeing a therapist. During one session, I mentioned the niche porn I had watched and how I was unsure whether or not I wanted to embrace some of the “kinkier” fantasies, like rape and incest, through role-play inRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Be very careful when buying ANYTHING from online that’s not USA based (at least when you’re in the USA). spotted on Cnet Security firm Symantec says these fraudulent Android apps are using a one-click method, tricking Japanese-language porn lovers into registering for a paid service that doesn’t exist. Hundreds of Japanese porn apps in the Google Play marketplace are tricking porn seekers into shelling out $1,000 for a fake service, security firm Symantec has found. The company published a blog post today about the more than 200 fraudulent Android apps publishedRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Ideally it should be a “universal internet law” for all hardcore porn to placed under an age restricted umbrella of which a web user would be required to provide a government issued ID number or code to access. I was under the impression that such a system was under development when the .xxx URL extension was introduced by ICANN. When you have pornstars such as James Deen (who is in a multitude of content depicting hate crimes and extreme abuse) being marketed to mainstream teen audiences alongsideRead More
Monica Foster commentary: It appears that as of 2/10/2013 the entire site has been restored. The people (namely the Free Speech Coalition, Ari Bass and Sean Tompkins) who claimed to have brought Pornwikileaks to a close should have TOLD THE TRUTH, but they did not due to their desire for financial gain. According to @RealAdultJobs on twitter, Donny Long doesn’t own Pornwikileaks. ——————————- Blog post from the PornWikiLeaks forum: So back on Jul 15 2011 when we pulled offline Donny Long wrote a blog for and about us here: andRead More