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In this Alexandra Mayers exclusive interview, Alexandra interviews Prince Jarl Alexandre Alé de Basseville the Artist, Photographer, Businessman & Social Activist who released the erotic, nude photographs of Melania Trump (Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s wife). In this interview Alexandra and Prince Jarl Alexandre Alé de Basseville discuss why he released the photographs of Melania Trump, his legitimate Normandy royal lineage and family, his thoughts on the difference between art and pornography, Donald Trump’s recent announcement in regards to signing a pledge to fight online pornography, politics in America, politics inRead More
Sarah McDaniel - photo credit: Playboy
***UPDATE: It appears Hugh Hefner of Playboy has already laid the groundwork to gain direct access to HIGHSCHOOL STUDENTS (click here to learn more).  Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Well, America’s favorite DIRTY OLD MAN NEXT DOOR has really done it now – so let THIS be his LEGACY… Sure, on the surface Hugh Hefner of Playboy seems to be cleaning up his act before he croaks by throwing out the bodily fluid drenched “nudity towel” via the announcement that he’s transforming Playboy magazine from an adult nude smutRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Seems to me that somehow Nik Richie of, pornstar Samantha Saint and pornstar Trinity St. Claire could somehow be tied to a “revenge porn” case in regards to the Richard Nanula sex scandal… spotted on CBSnews The operator of a “revenge porn” website who posted stolen nude photos online has agreed to plead guilty to hacking and identity theft, according to court papers filed Wednesday in Los Angeles federal court. Hunter Moore, 28, of Woodland, California, faces a sentence of two to sevenRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Finally the truth is being addressed… Rihanna is beautiful and talented enough to not be presented half naked to her underage fan base. article spotted on It’s odd that someone who wears so little could get honoured with a fashion award, but that’s exactly what happened to the pop star Rihanna this week. The Council of Fashion Designers of America awarded the singer for her risk-taking and she collected said accolade in an ensemble composed mainly of fishnet and nipples. Leaving absolutely nothingRead More
Monica Foster commentary: It seems as though we’re only a few days away from the announcement of the Courtney Stodden sextape or porn feature.  I personally feel that the world is witnessing an instance of sexual slavery in this situation. At some point, every adult over the age of 35 attached to this young woman both prior to her marriage and post, will be held accountable to some degree in regards to her fate. Courtney looks rather unsure and unhappy in the majority of these photos – look closely atRead More
Monica Foster commentary: It’s pretty sick that porn companies continually go after well known MOTHERS. What’s your real problem Steve Hirsch? Why do you hate women so much – especially mothers? Is it because women have been given the gift of true CREATION by God, whereas all you can do is exploit and corrupt on behalf of satan? I truly pray that Jesus Christ enters Steve Hirsch’s life in a very potent manner sometime soon. Until then, due to his tiny stature, regardless of how much noise Hirsch makes (orRead More
Monica Foster commentary: The moment Rhianna started sporting that stupid side shaved hairstyle that pornstar Skin Diamond has (of which Cosmopolitan magazine has deemed as a fashion DON’T – THANK GOD) I knew something might be brewing in Rhianna’s mind in regards to getting naked publicly. She’s already come close with some of those BDSM style outfits she’s been rocking…let’s see what happens..  courtesy Pop star Rihanna has been offered over $1 million to pose naked for Playboy, according to MTV UK. Whether it actually happens is another story.Read More
Monica Foster commentary: Now THIS is something kinda cool – though many don’t want to admit it, many pornstars ARE actually talented – yea yea…these women are using their looks (and nakedness) to get ahead (and win) this contest, but hey – nowadays I say “use it or lose it!” LOL!  I’m not sure about the “vagina smoking” (as you’ll read about below), but this is still a cool article. courtesy These days, Howard Stern has been moonlighting as the newest judge on America’s Got Talent, but this morningRead More
Hunter Moore – typical loser courtesy In an Awl interview a few months later, he said revenue was up to $13,000 a month, thanks to increased traffic — likely generated in great part by media attention, as journalist after journalist has flocked to Moore, each equally astounded by his unapologetic attitude toward the unwilling models on the site who complain of humiliation, harassment and lost jobs. In addition to advertising, the Village Voice reports that Moore is now being booked to do paying DJ gigs and party appearances aroundRead More