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Alexandra Mayers commentary: As stated in an article posted a few days ago, Plush Talent (operated by Scottie Ohanian) IS a licensed California Talent Agency.  Plush Talent’s website presents the agency professionally and Ohanian’s business relationship with industry veteran Kelli Roberts adds to the agency’s credibility. To view Plush Talent’s California Talent Agency license status for yourself, visit: and enter the license number 000213308 or just search for ‘Plush Talent‘. Scottie Ohanian of Plush Talent is on the same tier professionally as Derek Hay of LA Direct models, Mark Schechter of ATMLA andRead More
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Enjoy this comprehensive & thorough 2015 Porn Industry & Hollywood News Year in Review hosted by ex pornstars & independent investigative journalists Alexandra aka Monica Foster & Diana fka Desi Foxx Alexandra & Diana cover various news items they have covered throughout 2015 on their websites & Learn the truth about how deeply organized crime & corruption is rooted within the pornographic industry – and how the criminal elements filter their way into both mainstream Hollywood entertainment and the political sphere. This webcast covers news items pertaining toRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: On July 28, 2014 TMZ edited an approximately 9 minute interview they had of Olympic athlete and silver medalist Josh Mance down to about 2 minutes – which manifested a ripple effect of national headlines and articles stating things along the lines of: “He received a Silver medal at the 2012 Olympics… but team United States sprinter Josh Mance suggests the genuine prize would be a day with his preferred porn actress…”  -via BreakingNewsDir According to Josh Mance, statements such as the one above couldn’t be furtherRead More
Monica Foster commentary: You know, I thought I was a little over the top when I put together the cartoon in the video below. I guess not… I have a feeling John Stagliano has been thinking along the lines of Michael Lucas for YEARS.  Now it’s just all out in the open… article spotted on PinkNews  Gay porn producer Michael Lucas has defended his decision to produce bareback porn and says that he does not use condoms with his boyfriend who is HIV positive. In an exclusive interview with Queerty, Lucas said:Read More
***Update 04/30/2014: California porn condom bill passes committee! Monica Foster commentary: Every pornstar (whether currently active in the industry or not), should send a huge THANK YOU to California Assemblyman Isadore Hall III and Michael Weinstein of the Aids Healthcare Foundation for caring enough to protect their health and safety. text below in part from LAweekly  A bill that would mandate condoms for porn performers in California passed a key hurdle in the state legislature this week. L.A. area Assemblyman Isadore Hall’s AB 1576 was passed unanimously by the Assembly’s CommitteeRead More
Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Below is an analysis of Isadore Hall III’s proposed bill AB 1576 (provided to PornNewsToday courtesy of Rob Black of One of the most important points that current pornstars need to pay attention to is the fact that they are EMPLOYEES and NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING FOR THEIR OWN STD TESTING when cast in adult content. —————————————— AB 1576 Date of Hearing: April 2, 2014 ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE ON LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT Roger Hernández, Chair AB 1576 (Hall) – As Amended: March 26, 2014Read More
Monica Foster commentary: This is the truth. Anyone still trying to make a “career” out of the Los Angeles porn industry who isn’t on Rob Black’s team after reading this is a complete idiot. article originally posted on How is it that the porn business is dead? How did we go from being a great and powerful business that was semi-glamorous, where anyone who worked hard could prosper to being a parody? Like a styrofoam company, one of those once profitable but now virtually extinct industries? Or an asbestosRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I’m not and never have been a fan of Scarlett Johansson. She’s one of those “actresses” I always figured escorted on the downlow who’d get cast in a big movie as “payment” for whatever Hollywood exec she’s seeing at the time. article spotted on Independent Scarlett Johansson has spoken in favour of women enjoying porn, claiming it can be “productive for both men and women”. Speaking ahead of her latest film, Don Jon, about a porn-obsessive, Johansson said she would be “flabbergasted” to discover her boyfriend was addicted toRead More
Monica Foster commentary:  Vanessa Belmond fka Alexa Cruz’s testimony in regards to the realities of working in the Los Angeles porn industry will save countless women. As I was tweeting last night, the FATHERS OF AMERICA need to beat the living hell out of the predatorial men who make up the Los Angeles porn industry.  The FATHERS OF AMERICA need to realize that the men of the Los Angeles porn industry are LAUGHING as they are fucking, degrading, beating and destroying America’s  daughters. The time to take a stand isRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Hopefully this will pass, but considering how difficult of a time it’s had being passed (since it was initially proposed as AB332) PROVES how GROSS (beyond words) the Los Angeles porn industry and those attached truly are (and I mean it when I say the majority of those people are “sick to your stomach” GROSS). article spotted on Ebar Three porn actors have tested positive for HIV in recent weeks as a bill that would mandate condom use in the industry heads toward the governor, keeping aliveRead More