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Ana Foxxx Jessica Drake 2017 AVN Awards showtime - not racist
This will be a tough pill for the beautiful pornstar Ana Foxxx (along with many other pornstars) to swallow, but it’s time for a reality check… Working as an adult entertainment actress (aka pornstar) is legal.  Working as a prostitute in certain counties of Nevada (as long as you are registered with the state and carry a current work card) is legal.  However, the multitudes of escort agencies which feature women who are willing to engage in prostitution with the general public are NOT legal. Ana Foxxx recently decided toRead More
charlie sheen and bree olson - rehab
Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Last month Charlie Sheen’s ex girlfriend/goddess Bree Olson (real name Rachel Oberlin) made it known to the public that she’s had a difficult time since leaving the porn industry to pursue a “mainstream” acting career. Currently Rachel places the majority of the blame for her difficulties in life upon society  (how she’s been stigmatized as an ex sex worker and discriminated against as an ex pornstar).  However, over the past couple of weeks, she’s realized that she’s addicted to some medications that have been prescribed toRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: The tide isn’t really “turning”… the reality is that there’s just as much (if not more) money to be made in the “anti-porn industry” than there is in the “porn industry”.  Why do you think guys like pornstar Ron Jeremy are on the xxxChurch circuit? For a further explanation please reason my post: How the Jewish have insured the porn industry will never disappear: Anti-porn activists are the key article spotted on LifeSiteNews  Is it just me or are more and more people beginningRead More
*Update: As of 11/15/2013 (click here for extended info) the LAPD has stated they don’t have any information that would suggest Joseph’s murder would have anything to do with the occupation of his son, or anything that had to do with the role his son played in politics. Mike Gatto has suggested the murder may be tied to the jewelry his father created. Monica Foster commentary: First and foremost I send my sincerest condolences to the Gatto family in regards to this horrific situation . I (and I’m sure manyRead More
***Update 8.15.2013: AIM Records Willfully Destroyed in Midst of Bankruptcy, Class-Action Suit – via Monica Foster commentary: Well once again I’ve been contacted by an anonymous source… I’m far from a legal expert, so it will take me some time to root through all the information released to me, but I’ve heard from reliable sources who are “in the know” in regards to AIM Healthcare since the lawsuit filed by Diana Grandmason (fka Desi Foxx) that the Free Speech Coalition has lied to the public in regards to theRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I wonder how this is going to turn out…I took a look at the video and it does look to be a fan vid rather than produced by Bow Wow’s people. spotted on Bow Wow has been ordered to pay French porn star Katsuni $80,000 for using her image in a video without her permission, but the rapper-turned-actor is letting the world know that he has no intentions of paying. Katsuni was awarded a default judgment against Bow Wow after he refused to acknowledge her lawsuit.Read More