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Alexandra Mayers commentary: I’d like to send a thank you and a shout out to my twitter acquaintance who sent me the links to the videos below featuring pornstars Peter North & Tabitha Stevens in regards to their personal relationships with organized crime affiliate turned FBI informant Kenny “Kenji” Gallo. I suggest you all pay close attention to the 1st 2 videos posted below in regards to how the pornographic industry is utilized for MONEY LAUNDERING. The reality is that 90% (and I’m being conservative with that number) of theRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Enjoy this literary preview from my good friend Diana (formerly known as Desi Foxx). Chapter 1 “How Could This Happen To Such A Nice Girl?” can be found by clicking here. There is SO MUCH to who Diana truly is and the details of her life’s story – however rather than me going on and on, I simply ask that you take the time to get to know her by reading the preview below and by following her work on Originally posted onRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Now, I thought I went pretty wild with the character of Derek on my animated parody series – but apparently I could have taken it much further considering the diabolical (yet ironically brilliant) move Derek Hay just used to bitch slap the Free Speech Coalition… I scripted the parody series (you can watch the episodes at the bottom of this post) to where the character of Derek has NO LIMITS, but maybe that’s reality… I wonder what the real life Derek Hay is going to doRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Guess what LA Porn Industry? There’s no use in your trying to run to Las Vegas to re-establish yourselves – LAS VEGAS DOES NOT WANT YOU! This situation is a CLEAR MESSAGE telling you to KEEP YOUR TRASH IN YOUR OWN YARD PORN VALLEY LOSERS!  Las Vegas is the MECCA of gaming – and all the small time scams and games you’ve been pulling Porn Valley on those who don’t know better will NOT go over well in Sin City… Moral of the story? You can’t gangstalk a gangsterRead More
Monica Foster interviews Greg Lions – author, comedian and an ex pornstar from the 80’s known as Rod Pierce. Greg shares his experiences from when he worked as a pornstar and a live sex show performer. He discusses his encounters with Sharon Mitchell (who later became the head of Aim healthcare), Ron Jeremy, Vanessa Del Rio and many other well known pornstars. Greg gives a synoposis of the 2 books he’s written “A Tangled Web” – a fiction novel with a BDSM theme and “The Seduction of Rod Pierce” –Read More