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via AHF: Porn Producers Throw in the Towel on L.A.’s Measure B Los Angeles County Supervisors vote to settle lawsuit brought by Vivid Entertainment & adult industry to block implementation of L.A. County’s Measure B, the 2012 ballot measure approved by 57% of Los Angeles County voters that requires actors in pornographic films to wear condoms. Vivid & adult industry decline to continue with lawsuit; give in to constitutionality of condom requirement in adult films after U.S. Ninth District Court and the U.S. Ninth District Court of Appeals upheldRead More
Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: This is yet another instance of porn industry criminals taking advantage of, abusing and ruining a system that wasn’t even intended for their use.  Every AirBNB host who’s been taken advantage of by pornographers (attempting to use their locations to avoid condom legislation laws) needs to file a lawsuit.  Not only are these jerks ruining the reputations of AirBNB rental locations, but they’re posing potential health and disease risks to the locations as well. AirBNB was not intended to be utilized as a sextraffickingRead More
Eric Paul Leau looks like one tough Nazi - Perhaps that look is exactly with the Free Speech Coalition has been searching for.
Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Many in the porn industry’s blogosphere have been anxiously awaiting the announcement of exactly who is to replace Diane Duke as CEO (the face of) the porn industry’s political face, The Free Speech Coalition… Well wait no longer…. Duke’s replacement is none other than Eric Paul Leau aka Mr. Leather. I suppose as the FSC charges forward in their fight against workplace safety in the porn industry, the likes of Peter Acworth and Steve Hirsch will confidently stand behind Eric as he prances upRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Make sure you send a “Congratulations” to Senator Isadore Hall III – he’s a very good person! 2015 should be an interesting year for the pornographic industry considering that it was Isadore Hall III (and the Aids Health Foundation) who carried Measure B & AB1576 (the condom legislation bills). article spotted on  Former Democratic Assemblyman Isadore Hall III of Compton on Tuesday won a special election for the state Senate, beating three other candidates for a Los Angeles County seat left vacant by theRead More
via (learn more details on by clicking here) (Reuters) – A regional U.S. federal appeals court ruled on Monday that pornographic movie actors in Los Angeles must wear condoms during sex scenes, upholding a lower court decision that was challenged by the adult film industry. In 2012, voters in Los Angeles County approved a measure to require condom use during sex scenes in pornographic movies, as well as the regular testing of actors for sexually transmitted diseases. Lawyers for the industry challenged the regulations in U.S. District Court, arguingRead More
Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Below is an analysis of Isadore Hall III’s proposed bill AB 1576 (provided to PornNewsToday courtesy of Rob Black of One of the most important points that current pornstars need to pay attention to is the fact that they are EMPLOYEES and NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING FOR THEIR OWN STD TESTING when cast in adult content. —————————————— AB 1576 Date of Hearing: April 2, 2014 ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE ON LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT Roger Hernández, Chair AB 1576 (Hall) – As Amended: March 26, 2014Read More
Monica Foster commentary: A big thanks to my friend NYCfunk for sending me a link to this video. Many very important points and issues are covered in this video piece in regards to condoms in porn, STDs and legalities.Read More
Monica Foster commentary: Yes, it’s true that you can still live a long & productive life after contracting HIV (think Magic Johnson) – however I seriously doubt anyone who’s contracted HIV is too happy about it.  Considering how aggressively ex-pornstars who are HIV positive (such as Darren James, Derrick Burts & Cameron Bay) are advocating for condoms in porn (Assembly Bill AB640) it would seem that living with HIV isn’t a desirable life outcome. As of this morning, Mike South has reported that a porn studio has been fined $60,000Read More
Monica Foster commentary: I TOLD YOU AB332 was not over! I tweeted Mike Gatto just a few minutes to inform him that he needs to apologize to Isadore Hall, because THE TRUTH IS COMING OUT in regards to Porngate/GattoGate! article spotted on from – A Southland lawmaker today commended a federal judge’s ruling affirming the constitutionality of a Los Angeles County law requiring porn actors to wear condoms on film shoots, but said the adult film industry has done “an inadequate job” of protecting employees from disease. The judge’s rulingRead More
Monica Foster commentary: NOW Los Angeles porn industry (especially porn talent), do you understand why you need to stop listening to complete LOSERS like Steve Hirsch, Kayden Kross (who has a criminal history), Diane Duke, the Free Speech Coalition and the APHSS (Adult Performers Health & [Un]-Safe Services)? As of this week, the United States Federal Government has essentially told the so called “leaders” of the Los Angeles porn industry that they are CLUELESS LOSERS! Don’t associate with losers my friends.  If you want to be successful and do well inRead More