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courtesy of Assemblymember Hall Legislation to Require STD Testing & Condoms in Adult Films Approved by Senate Labor Committee SACRAMENTO, CA – Legislation by Assemblymember Isadore Hall, III (D – Los Angeles) to require documentation of condom or other personal protective equipment use in California produced adult films and mandatory employer paid STD testing of adult film actors was approved today by the California State Senate Labor & Industrial Relations Committee. AB 1576 passed on a vote of 3 to 1. After the hearing, Hall released the following statement: “Today,Read More
***Update 04/30/2014: California porn condom bill passes committee! Monica Foster commentary: Every pornstar (whether currently active in the industry or not), should send a huge THANK YOU to California Assemblyman Isadore Hall III and Michael Weinstein of the Aids Healthcare Foundation for caring enough to protect their health and safety. text below in part from LAweekly  A bill that would mandate condoms for porn performers in California passed a key hurdle in the state legislature this week. L.A. area Assemblyman Isadore Hall’s AB 1576 was passed unanimously by the Assembly’s CommitteeRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Those who hold the power in the United States porn industry need to pay attention to this. article spotted on WashingtonPost The Supreme Court’s decision Tuesday to consider whether employers objecting to contraception on religious grounds should be compelled to cover their employees’ use of contraceptives anyhow has cast a renewed spotlight on an element of Obamacare that has received a great deal of attention the past couple of years. Where do Americans stand on the mandate? Data show most have come down on the side of the ObamaRead More
Monica Foster commentary:  So tonight I logged into my Facebook account and saw that male pornstar Jack Napier sent me a message (which was most likely a mass message he sent to all his contacts) requesting that I “sponsor a young man on his AIDS walk”. Well, I think it’s wonderful that Jack feels the need to raise money to help people who have AIDS – however what about taking action to assist in PREVENTING people from contracting HIV (which leads to AIDS), by supporting Assembly Bill 640 which wouldRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I’ve only heard of Tristan here and there over the years, but I’m very impressed with her views as of today (and most importantly her compassion). Make sure you check out her website article spotted on (make sure you read Gene Ross’s follow up to this post by clicking here) from – — Over the summer, veteran porn producer Tristan Taormino was looking for performers for her new movie. A casting agent recommended a woman named Cameron Bay, and Taormino put her on her short list.Read More
Monica Foster commentary: Hopefully this will pass, but considering how difficult of a time it’s had being passed (since it was initially proposed as AB332) PROVES how GROSS (beyond words) the Los Angeles porn industry and those attached truly are (and I mean it when I say the majority of those people are “sick to your stomach” GROSS). article spotted on Ebar Three porn actors have tested positive for HIV in recent weeks as a bill that would mandate condom use in the industry heads toward the governor, keeping aliveRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I and many others who did our best to get the word out in regards to Measure B (a ballot measure supported largely by the Aids HealthCare Foundation which has the purpose of mandating condoms and other protective measures and regulations within the Los Angeles porn industry in effort to protect the health of performers) send well wishes, congratulations and words of THANKS to Michael Weinstein (President of the AHF) and all the other AHF staff members and supporters. Michael Weinstein and the AHF staff have selflessly takenRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Question and complain about this all you want LA porn industry (specifically the Free Speech Coalition). I’ve never in my life seen (nor could I have ever imagined) such a disgusting, negative, self entitled, unjustifiably pretentious, self absorbed, prejudice, violent, immature group of thieving bullies. I personally hope that those in the group I just described who have lived a cushy life for far to long victimizing, using and mistreating others, lose EVERYTHING that they have. courtesy The Adult Film Industry Working Group, a panel putRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I’m not so certain Diane Duke should be allowed into the city meeting without having to undergo a full cavity search (or at least a pat down to check for weapons or bombs)…considering her close affiliation to Michael Whiteacre who has no problem sending death threats via Twitter. I’m sincerely worried about the safety of the City of Los Angeles employees attending this meeting (or anyone for that matter that opposes that psychotic individuals attached to the porn industry – namely the Free Speech Coalition). courtesy Xbiz.comRead More