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Sarah McDaniel - photo credit: Playboy
***UPDATE: It appears Hugh Hefner of Playboy has already laid the groundwork to gain direct access to HIGHSCHOOL STUDENTS (click here to learn more).  Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Well, America’s favorite DIRTY OLD MAN NEXT DOOR has really done it now – so let THIS be his LEGACY… Sure, on the surface Hugh Hefner of Playboy seems to be cleaning up his act before he croaks by throwing out the bodily fluid drenched “nudity towel” via the announcement that he’s transforming Playboy magazine from an adult nude smutRead More
Image from Daveney Nicole' aka Kacey Jordan's instagram (left) and Image from Daily Mail article (right). Same shirt, same hair, same girl. Why hide?
Update 11/16/2015 – according to a source has revealed that Charlie Sheen is HIV positive and will be making an official announcement. Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary:  I’ve never met Kacey Jordan, but we have a few mutual acquaintances.  I must say, she’s either an undiagnosed case of autism or a self promotional genius – I’m not quite certain as to which… This early afternoon I took note that Xbiz picked up a story initially reported on the about an “unnamed pornstar” telling all in regards toRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: I feel as though mainstream media wants it both ways in regards to the “mainstream” validity of the porn industry… I was floored to spot mainstream reporter, journalist and writer Lisa Ling (best known for her work on The View and Oprah Winfrey’s network OWN) appear as pornstar Asa Akira’s substitute on the porn industry podcast DVDASA (hosted by Asa Akira and David Choe).  I have a hard time understanding exactly how (or why) Lisa Ling would agree to appear on a webcast whichRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: The most important element of her tweets in my opinion isn’t that she openly admits to being an escort – it’s that she states that Chris Brown is a “pedophile”… article spotted on TheHollywoodGossip  Adult actress Kagney Linn Karter claims Chris Brown recently paid her to be his escort one night, then bullied her online when she refused to sleep with him. File this one under Surprising Celebrity News Stories That Actually Arent All That Surprising Once You Stop and Think About Them ForRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Since discovering the political face of the American pornographic industry’s (the Free Speech Coalition’s) open association and affiliation with an internationally known convicted pedophile I’ve known that retaining the 2257 record keeping laws intact are vital to protecting children.  The fact that I’m being sued by the wife of a top pornographic industry attorney who openly defends pedophiles illustrates the lengths wrong doers will go to in effort to conceal the truth of their actions… I find it interesting that the mainstream media andRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: In the wake of Sasha Grey finally telling the truth about how she was lured into the porn industry by her abusive boyfriend (it’s amazing how her agent Mark Spiegler never seemed to notice the abuse she was suffering, even though he made all that money off her like a common street pimp), it was just announced that she will be starring in a mainstream movie with Elijah Wood.  This movie actually looks pretty good, so I’ll go see it when it hits theaters.Read More
Monica Foster commentary: What’s interesting about many in the Los Angeles “straight porn” industry, is that they have the attitude that “Lesbian sex” is not real sex. On September 28th when Wicked Pictures director Barrett Blade’s girlfriend (pornstar Jessa Rhodes) sent an array of hateful and ignorant tweets to ex-pornstar Cameron Bay (who was recently diagnosed as being HIV positive) – she repeatedly referenced how Cameron’s boyfriend is gay being that he’s performed in gay pornographic scenes (in fact she went as far as to post the definition of gay).Read More
Monica Foster commentary: In a decade or less, select pornstars will be absorbed into mainstream Hollywood.  Behind the scenes, mainstream and adult has always been one in the same anyhow… article spotted on Belfasttelegraph Adam Brody says in today’s Hollywood culture, some celebrities get known just by producing a sex tape. The actor stars in Lovelace, which follows the life of Linda Lovelace, who became the world’s first erotic superstar after starring in 1972 movie Deep Throat. Adam discussed how attitudes towards pornography have changed over the years. “Nowadays you’ve got celebrities whoRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I wonder how long before an American mainstream studio adapts this process to newly produced Hollywood movies… This “body double” process would open up an entirely new employment arena to adult actors and actresses. spotted on Wired  For his upcoming film Nymphomaniac, Danish director Lars von Trier is using the genitals of porn actors having intercourse and superimposing them underneath the torsos of the movie’s cast during sex scenes. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in Cannes, the film’s producer Louise Vesth explained: “We shot the actors pretending to have sexRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I found it interesting that Sasha bowed out of Washington University’s Sex Week. I also find it interesting that as much as Sasha claims she wanted to “change how porn was made”, she currently is not working on the production side of the porn industry. I have a feeling that there’s something rather negative in regards to the Los Angeles porn industry that Sasha in time will come clean about – and I think that what she will state will have a lot to do with porn agentRead More