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pornstar Gia Paige (photo via @GiaPaige on twitter) - hopefully she'll keep her younger sister OUT of pornography
Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Both myself and ex-pornstar Diana fka Desi Foxx have thought for years that there’s a certain group of criminal pornographers and porn agents who target and effectively sextraffick minors into the adult entertainment industry.  Well, today it appears I’ve found solid evidence of the issue… When pornstar Gia Paige (who’s currently with Hussie Models) entered the porn industry, she introduced her younger sister (who is 19 today) to her then agent, a man by the name of Scott Ohanian (known as Scottie Platinum).  AccordingRead More
Monica Foster commentary: In my opinion criminalizing production and possession of “rape porn” needs to happen within the United States as well. As many of my readers are aware, I opted to make a youtube video earlier this week in regards to being raped December 31, 2008 by a man who goes by the name of Chase Styles (an associate of Will Ryder aka Jeff Mullen of X-play / All Media Play / Sitcumz). Since I have gone public in regards to my experience, another associate of Will Ryder byRead More

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Dinner with a porn…errr… PIGSTAR!

courtesy ***Update 08.27.2012 : Looks like Mariah has retired from porn so she can focus all her energy on eating. Mariah’s views on pornstars who are escorts and/or prostitutes: Update 8-21-2012 Mariah calls it quits : more links…. Mariah arrested?  Mariah Milano – a racist who resents that her son is half black? If you think so little of black and African Americans Mariah, why did you mate with one to create your son? Silly rabbit…I guess sometimes tricks are for pigs More