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Within the porn industry blogosphere, rumor has it that a man known as “Dave” of The Luxury Companion attained via unscrupulous means via the filing a lawsuit (which revolved around the theme of “defamation”) against Mike South (aka Michael Strother). In addition, rumor has it that “Dave” loaned Sean Matthew Tompkins aka @TRPWL a dollar amount in the excess of $7,000 to attain partial control of (a website which advertises LA Direct Models, Spiegler Girls and the Lee Network). On May 23, 2017 – Alexandra Mayers (fka MonicaRead More
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Spotted on Die Welt ( The two lawyers – depraved versus genteel VON TINA KAISER, MICHAEL REMKE The dispute between star violinist David Garrett and porn actress Ashley Youdan is being conducted by two very different men: A conservative hanseatic media lawyer against a New York Mafia defender. A corner office in the 162 meter highDuMont building on New York’s prestigious Madison Avenue. Mountains of files are piled up on the window sill, loose documents are scattered across the floor. A stout, bald man wearing a tailored blue suit andRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: So the porn studio Hustler officially has acknowledged that God is real on court record… interesting… Unfortunately Hustler’s attorneys have forgotten that God’s greatest gift to humans is FREE WILL. Sorry stupid porn attorneys, but Dan Bilzerian acted on his own. God didn’t cause that pornstar’s injuries. The interesting thing about this situation from my perspective, is that it appears that Hustler is essentially acting as Dan Bilzerian’s personal pimp by providing him directly with pornstars to do whatever he wants with… Give meRead More
***Update 8.15.2013: AIM Records Willfully Destroyed in Midst of Bankruptcy, Class-Action Suit – via Monica Foster commentary: Well once again I’ve been contacted by an anonymous source… I’m far from a legal expert, so it will take me some time to root through all the information released to me, but I’ve heard from reliable sources who are “in the know” in regards to AIM Healthcare since the lawsuit filed by Diana Grandmason (fka Desi Foxx) that the Free Speech Coalition has lied to the public in regards to theRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I’m glad to see that a judge has finally opted to call out certain attorneys who only became attorneys so that they can identify and exploit legal “loopholes” for financial gain. spotted on ABCnews  A federal judge has sanctioned four alleged perpetrators of a porn shakedown scheme—all of them attorneys. In a scathing decision, Judge Otis Wright for the central district of California earlier this week imposed sanctions against a group of lawyers who, he said, had “outmaneuvered the legal system” by figuring out a way to squeeze moneyRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Once again was on the right trail and SO WAS I! Back in late January of this year Manwin (the porn industry megacorp that views Porn Valley as a Monopoly game and who has a front man that wishes he was Steve Jobs) sent me a bitchy email in regards to my linking their company to Reality Kings and – well as of today considering the article below from I WAS SO ON THE MONEY! All anyone has to do to SEE that IRead More