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via AHF: Porn Producers Throw in the Towel on L.A.’s Measure B Los Angeles County Supervisors vote to settle lawsuit brought by Vivid Entertainment & adult industry to block implementation of L.A. County’s Measure B, the 2012 ballot measure approved by 57% of Los Angeles County voters that requires actors in pornographic films to wear condoms. Vivid & adult industry decline to continue with lawsuit; give in to constitutionality of condom requirement in adult films after U.S. Ninth District Court and the U.S. Ninth District Court of Appeals upheldRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I really like the Aids Healthcare Foundation’s style.  It will be interesting to observe how an industry who’s foundation is rooted within organized crime fairs in the next few months. I encourage my California readers to support Assembly Bill 332 (AB332) which will mandate condom usage statewide in adult filming – it’s time for the adult entertainment industry to make a change for the better. LOS ANGELES – In what could be the first test of the new Los Angeles County law requiring the use ofRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Here we go again… as 2012 wraps up it appears that another mother / daughter porn duo – the Sexxtons – is being heavily promoted (and via the Huffington Post of all places – lol). I personally think that the Sexxtons need to take cue from the events which encircled the first mother / daughter porn duo – Desi and Elli Foxx. The parallels between the Sexxton duo and the Foxx duo are uncanny…in fact if I didn’t know better, I’d say that the Sexxtons have beenRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Myself and those who have been trying to bring awareness to the public in regards to the high rate of STDs and STIs in the Los Angeles porn sphere are incredibly happy that FINALLY the LA Times has decided to release this information to the public. Michael Weinstein of the AHF has opted to hold a press conference today in regards to the alarmingly high Los Angeles porn STD / STI rate. Hopefully NOW people will realize how VITAL voting YES on Measure B (to mandate condomsRead More
Monica Foster commentary: The Feds have arrived! Change is upon us and the clean sweep of the foundation of the Los Angeles porn industry (illegal escort and prostitution rings) has begun. courtesy A Los Angeles couple and the man’s ex-wife have been charged with recruiting Russian call girls to work in local brothels, federal immigration officials announced. Mher “Mike” Hakopyan, 38, and his wife Natalya Muravyeva, 31, of Los Angeles, were charged Monday in federal court in Santa Ana of suspicion of conspiracy to transport prostitutes. Hakopyan’s ex, Alla Kassianova,Read More
Monica Foster commentary: When I look at this article and issue as a whole I just can’t stop laughing. Karma is such a funny thing…I wonder what the end result will be (I doubt I’ll even care…very little could make me care at this stage…all I am focused on is ensuring that every illegal escort and prostitution ring leader and operator is identified, brought to justice and put in jail or deported – courtesy City officials have approved a 90-day extension to craft rules regulating porn productions withinRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I doubt the city officials are really “shocked” – I think people in positions of power are claiming to be outraged at this stage just for show. This situation proves that corruption runs deep and that the Los Angeles porn industry is usually attached to every instance of corruption within America to some degree.  courtesy Officials at the L.A. Coliseum insisted Wednesday they didn’t know that a porn movie was being filmed there in 2001. The attorney for the Coliseum Commission, Assistant Los Angeles County CounselRead More
Monica Foster commentary:I think that passing this to the LA Arts, Parks and Recreation department is a good move…stay tuned 🙂 courtesy The L.A. City Council made a history when it voted to require condom use at on-location porn shoots in our fair metropolis. But history still awaits. We reported last week that a top city official has requested that a report on how to enforce this rule be put off until almost the end of summer. Now comes word that figuring out how to police prophylactic use is inRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Question and complain about this all you want LA porn industry (specifically the Free Speech Coalition). I’ve never in my life seen (nor could I have ever imagined) such a disgusting, negative, self entitled, unjustifiably pretentious, self absorbed, prejudice, violent, immature group of thieving bullies. I personally hope that those in the group I just described who have lived a cushy life for far to long victimizing, using and mistreating others, lose EVERYTHING that they have. courtesy The Adult Film Industry Working Group, a panel putRead More