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stoya leaves trenchcoat x with not much more than a Goodbye
The beautiful and intelligent pornstar known as Stoya has announced that she has left the Trenchcoat X porn production studio for good. According to www.feminacenter.com Stoya stated the following on March 2, 2017: “I think thanks to the company’s early adopters and goodbye sums it up,” Stoya stated. “My transition duties ended on the 31st of December, and updates on my work will appear on my social media streams as applicable.” As of today, Stoya’s ex business partner Kayden Kross’s husband Manuel Ferrara signed an exclusive directing deal with the porn industry’sRead More

Posted On January 27, 2017By Monica FosterIn abuse, Entertainer Spotlight

Why Veronica Vain quit porn

  Published on Sep 29, 2016 Hi guys! Please check out my Patreon page if you’re liking my content and want me to make more of it or if you just wanna be able to chill with me on Discord and get added to my gaming circles! https://www.patreon.com/redheadredemp… Please remember to like and subscribe and help me grow my channel, it means so much to me! I’ve been battling with myself over telling the public about why I quit porn for many months now. I’m partly ashamed and partly fearfulRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: In this webcast, Diana and I cover extensively the horrific trend of domestic violence female pornstars are suffering at the hands of their male counterparts in the porn industry. Shortly after this webcast was posted President Barack Obama addressed the nation in regards to putting an end to violence against women. Enjoy the truth of the hottest January 2015 porn, Hollywood & organized crime headlines that mainstream media seems to refuse to tell the public the truth about. On this webcast Alexandra fka MonicaRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Is SugarDaddy dating prostitution? I don’t feel that it necessarily is and neither do many attorneys. Las Vegas attorney Allen Lichtenstein recently stated that the legal parameters of prostitution are clouded. Mr Lichtenstein said: “Any relationship that is an ongoing one that’s not purely about sex but may have a sexual aspect to it, you can’t really classify as prostitution.” Ironically, according to porn industry blogger Sean Matthew Tompkins aka TRPWL (of The Real Pornwikileaks), sugardaddy dating is escorting (prostitution).  In fact on NovemberRead More
via Reuters.com (learn more details on MikeSouth.com by clicking here) (Reuters) – A regional U.S. federal appeals court ruled on Monday that pornographic movie actors in Los Angeles must wear condoms during sex scenes, upholding a lower court decision that was challenged by the adult film industry. In 2012, voters in Los Angeles County approved a measure to require condom use during sex scenes in pornographic movies, as well as the regular testing of actors for sexually transmitted diseases. Lawyers for the industry challenged the regulations in U.S. District Court, arguingRead More
Monica Foster commentary: NOW Los Angeles porn industry (especially porn talent), do you understand why you need to stop listening to complete LOSERS like Steve Hirsch, Kayden Kross (who has a criminal history), Diane Duke, the Free Speech Coalition and the APHSS (Adult Performers Health & [Un]-Safe Services)? As of this week, the United States Federal Government has essentially told the so called “leaders” of the Los Angeles porn industry that they are CLUELESS LOSERS! Don’t associate with losers my friends.  If you want to be successful and do well inRead More
Monica Foster commentary: BWAHAHAHAHAHA – everything’s going according to plan… article spotted on HeraldOnline After the porn industry sued L.A. County officials to block implementation of Measure B, the Los Angeles County Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act, claiming it was unconstitutional, five people connected with AHF who sponsored the measure sought and LOS ANGELES — A federal court judge has denied the porn industry’s efforts to have a group of five individuals affiliated with AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) removed as ‘interveners’ in a ‘condoms in porn’ lawsuit the industry broughtRead More
Update 06.28.2013: Mayor Villaraigosa Signs Amended Porn-Condom Law Monica Foster commentary: This made me chuckle.  Prepare for the wrath of Michael Weinstein, because up till now at least, I don’t think certain people in the Los Angeles porn industry really know what he’s capable of 🙂 I personally don’t feel ab332 is over… so buckle up for the ride of your life. article spotted on DailyNews.com LOS ANGELES—The adult film industry is citing a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage in an effort to muzzle its main opponent inRead More
Monica Foster commentary: First (though I have thanked him via email) I would like to publicly thank Gene Ross for linking to my most recent research on Porngate / Gattogate from what I deem as the premier source of porn industry news, gossip & information – www.AdultFYI.com From what I’ve heard AdultFYI.com will be undergoing a major overhaul over the next few weeks – so I encourage all of my readers who are interested in continuing to learn about the adult entertainment industry climate to bookmark that site – beingRead More
a Monica Foster exclusive for www.PornNewsToday.com (do not repost without linking back to the source, thanks): So it looks like Mike South finally got on the ball to attempt to “break the story” about Diane Duke, Mike Gatto, Ab332 and the Free Speech Coalition. Great – however Mike South has a pesky habit of never linking to my website to give me any credit. Why? Well because I won’t shut up about how www.PornWikiLeaks.com is back online after he and my stalker Sean Tompkins claimed to close the site (turnsRead More