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Monica Foster commentary: I hope you all enjoy the premier of this little baby I just gave birth to. Season 01 Episode 01: Enjoy the premier episode of Porn Worth Watching. If you like South Park, the Simpsons, Family Guy, political humor and learning the truth about the Los Angeles porn industry – then you will love this cartoon series by Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster. On this episode, meet Derek and Spiegs – 2 of the most diabolical porn agents and pimps who are constantly concocting new schemes toRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I really enjoy Katie’s writing, and I LOVE her hair in this photo! A PornNewsToday Exclusive by Katie Summers Hello Creatures! You know what I love? SEX! Like, duh, so obvious Katie! But for real, I love sex. It’s the most amazing feeling in the world. When I say sex, I don’t just mean P to the V, I also mean, being with a girl, being by myself, the build up, the butterfly feeling I get as I get horny, the thought of it, building the fantasy,Read More
Monica Foster commentary: Another insightful post from the independent thinking Katie Summers. Below she questions as to why the Los Angeles porn industry doesn’t act like the family it proclaims itself to be.  Well, the answer is that the Los Angeles porn industry currently is a broken and dysfunctional family that’s in dire need of “family counseling” (the counselors are present, but things can only improve if the family starts actively listening to the counselors rather than fighting them). Hello Creatures, The past week has been hectic for the pornRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Brave young women like Katie Summers are why I have continued to fight (regardless of the consequences) to bring forth the truth of what’s happening within the Los Angeles porn industry. Bless you Katie Summers for speaking out. A PornNewsToday exclusive courtesy of Katie Summers Hello creatures, What a crazy week it has been for me, moving, organizing, camming, etc. What do y’all think about the condom law? I personally love it. Yes I get it, I was one of those dirty girls that did pretty muchRead More
Find more of Katie Summers’ posts and connect with her on www.pornnewstoday.com/katiesummers/ Hello loveys, To get our minds off the craziness, I have written this little post to get a little chub in your pants. Today, I’m going talk about my favorite thing – SEX! I love sex.  I love the build up, the intimacy, the heat of the moment, the feel, the connection, and the best part, I love cumming! Doesn’t matter how you enjoy your sex as long as you do enjoy it and its fun and you andRead More
Monica Foster commentary:   Thank you Katie for contributing your thoughts and insight to PornNewsToday.  The Los Angeles porn industry is a very secretive world, and for you to share what you have, illustrates a tremendous amount of inner strength and courage. For further information on Katie Summers – please visit www.PornNewsToday.com/KatieSummers and follow her on twitter @KatieSummersXXX I’m Katie Summers Hello everyone! As most of you know, I’m Katie Summers.  For those that are new to me, I’m an adult film actress and cam model.  This is my first blogRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I try my best to keep www.PornstarHookerAlert.com as current as possible, but being that I’m only 1 woman who does the work of about 10 overweight men who are in their mid to late 40’s, sometimes I fall behind in my workload. As of recent, I realized that Katie Summer’s entry on www.PornstarHookerAlert.com not only wasn’t up to date, but she most likely was FALSELY PROMOTED as being available as an escort to begin with (just as retired pornstar Alia Janine has notified me that she was).Read More
Background on the Richard Nanula sex scandal: Part 7,Part 6, Part 5, Part 4, Part 3, Part 2, Part 1  – Additional details on LAtimes.com and DailyMail.UK Update: 7.7.2013 – Divorce papers reveal Richard Nanula to have been treated for SEX ADDICTION (as reported by the NYpost). Monica Foster commentary:  Why oh why did I re-post those “sextape” photos from TheDirty.com identifying and individuals said to be Richard Nanula and pornstar Samantha Saint? This entire situation has prompted far more negativity and drama than I’d anticipated – BUT, every dark cloud has a silver lining.  In caseRead More
Background on the Richard Nanula sex scandal: Part 7,Part 6, Part 5, Part 4, Part 3, Part 2, Part 1  – Additional details on LAtimes.com and DailyMail.UK ***Update: Ashley Erickson of HelpUbookHer has sent extensive emails of which explain in detail that her business doesn’t work with Jack Spade and is no longer affiliated with Trinity St. Clair. Ashley has provided information in regards to who she feels sent me the emails of which implicated HelpUbookHer and Jack Spade with the Richard Nanula photos. Her thoughts parallel that of another industry insider of which I’ve had a chanceRead More