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Once again, the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has put their hypocritical and illogical nature on display for the world to see… Recently an open letter was posted on their website directed towards Rashida Jones, Ronna Gradus, Jill Bauer and Netflix.  Below is the most interesting (and comically hypocritical) portion of the letter: For over twenty-five years, our organization has fought, and won, seemingly impossible legal and political battles protecting the privacy and freedoms of those who work in the adult entertainment industry, as our community is under constant scrutiny — evenRead More
spotted on Forward.com Gaza Tech Workers Target Israeli Instutions A group of hackers from Gaza used pornographic videos in a wide-scale cyberattack on several Israeli institutions and individuals. A report titled Operation Arid Viper: Bypassing the Iron Dome released Monday by the cyber security company Trend Micro detailed the hacking campaign carried out by the tech workers from Gaza. The report called the strategy of using pornographic videos “distinct” and “previously unseen.” The hackers sent individuals a “phishing” email with a “pornographic movie” meant to embarrass targets into ignoring theRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: I’ve been waiting to see which law firm would be taking on Jonathan Koppenhaver fka War Machine as a client ever since Koppenhaver and Christy Mack’s incident made mainstream news. Well, today I got my answer. It appears that Brandon Sua of Law Offices of Brandon Sua and Associates ( www.LAsTopAttorneys.com ) has stepped up to the plate. In regards to Sua’s background, according to his website he is one of 4 siblings and a triplet (he has an identical brother and a sister).Read More
Monica Foster commentary: It appears that as of 2/10/2013 the entire www.PornWikiLeaks.com site has been restored. The people (namely the Free Speech Coalition, Ari Bass and Sean Tompkins) who claimed to have brought Pornwikileaks to a close should have TOLD THE TRUTH, but they did not due to their desire for financial gain. According to @RealAdultJobs on twitter, Donny Long doesn’t own Pornwikileaks. ——————————- Blog post from the PornWikiLeaks forum: So back on Jul 15 2011 when we pulled pornwikileaks.com offline Donny Long wrote a blog for and about us here: Pornwikileaks.com andRead More
Monica Foster commentary: This is just the beginning…HUMAN TRAFFICKING is FAR more widespread than many want to acknowledge – and many cases unfortunately happen right here in America within the LOS ANGELES PORN INDUSTRY. Hopefully the website I’m developing www.PornStarHookerAlert.com will assist in uncovering and bringing to justice much of the American Human Trafficking activity which is in the form of ILLEGAL ESCORT AND PROSTITUTION RINGS. From the Desk of Desi Foxx on www.PornInTheValley.com PSNI Organised Crime Branch officers enter an apartment complex in Belfast city centreMore than 130 premisesRead More