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Monica Foster commentary: More and more strip clubs who import pornstars to feature dance at their establishments have started assembling these nifty youtube videos to promote their events – and  I think it’s a great idea. As you can see in the video below, Jenna Haze is currently on tour (though she’s completely retired from performing in adult video).  Jenna is very interesting to me because she’s one of the few pornstars who’s made a point to make sure the public knows that she DOES NOT escort (I’ve never foundRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Child porn arrests are on the rise as are violent killings? I feel it’s in part due to the Los Angeles porn industry warping the minds of men for YEARS with what I call “gateway child porn”. Women like Sunny Lane, Jenna Haze and Lupe Fuentes are popular is because they look like and have consistently been prompted to ACT LIKE LITTLE GIRLS IN ADULT FILMS. Lets face the facts – the LA porn industry CONSISTENTLY CONDITIONS THE MINDS OF MANY PORN VIEWERS to PRIMARILY be arousedRead More
Jenna Haze’s abrupt departure from performing prior to her official retirement announcement early in 2012 has consistently caused her fans to speculate as to exactly WHY. Jenna Haze’s appearance in her retirement announcement video and a song entitled BugChasing ( a slang term for the practice of pursuing sexual intercourse with HIV-infected individuals in order to contract HIV. Individuals engaged in this activity are referred to as bugchasers. Bugchasers seek sexual partners who are HIV positive for the purpose of having unprotected sex and becoming HIV positive) written by her current boyfriend Greg Puciato may hold the key.Read More
Monica Foster commentary: Unless Jenna Haze’s master Jules Jordan has taken over her twitter, it seems to me that porn blogger and industry insider Mike South was wrong about little miss Jenna Haze being supportive of Measure B and the mandatory usage of condoms in the Los Angeles porn industry. On December 3, 2012 Jenna Haze promoted a badly produced “comedy short” via twitter in which she is featured in along side Aaron Takahashi. She plays a “condom inspector” (you can view the video piece by clicking here), and inRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Next week I’ll be writing an exclusive feature which will explain how many of the most “popular” pornstars actually gained their popularity (via the manipulation and over saturation of social networks). If you shove an image into someone’s conciousness enough paired with certain ideas (or triggers), eventually they will “like” it (this is mental conditioning, which is a process the Los Angeles porn industry is very good at and completely reliant upon). I’ve taken the time to document the amount of material that was injected into socialRead More
A Monica Foster twitter observation: One of the best ways for fans to keep up with their favorite pornstars (even after they’ve retired) is via their official twitter account! Earlier this year, the multi-award winning pornstar Jenna Haze announced her retirement from performing – however though she’s no longer working the xxx camera , she’s still out and about. It appears that Jenna (@jenxstudios on twitter) is not only keeping busy by making cameos in her BFF Taylor Momsen’s music videos and stage shows. It seems she’s also a part ofRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Jenna Haze officially retired from the porn industry last month, but I have a feeling we’ll still be seeing her showcased in the music scene quite frequently considering that her current boyfriend fronts the Dillinger Escape Plan and one of her BFF’s is Taylor Momsen…Read More
Monica Foster commentary: As of recent, I had to cut off a long term friendship due to the person being a complete hypocrite, unjustifiably judgemental and essentially homophobic. Today on I read the following article about Greg Puciato (retired pornstar Jenna Haze’s boyfriend) and his thoughts on homophobia in the music industry, media and our society – I liked what he had to say – he’s a thinker. I just hope in time Greg realizes that not all Christians are homophobic (I’m a Christian – a controversial one yes,Read More
Today Jenna Haze announced her retirement from the Porn Industry as a performer. Read the details on Though many may not be aware, Jenna Haze was cast in a mainstream movie about the Fleshlight sex toy – of which a trailer came out back in July of 2011. It will be interesting to see what mainstream projects Jenna Haze is a part of outside of her connection with Taylor Momsen… Apparently Jenna Haze’s new boyfriend, Greg Puciato of the Dillinger Escape Plan band (which I assume was named afterRead More