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PNT commentary: Her final tweet was on April Fools Day at 9:11pm article spotted on The Guardian Adult film actor Amber Rayne found dead in her Los Angeles home One of five women who accused James Deen of assault while filming a scene Cause of death for 31-year-old still unknown Adult film actor Amber Rayne, a 10-year veteran of the porn industry, has died at the age of 31 in her Los Angeles home, according to the county medical examiner. Rayne was one of five women to recently accuse fellowRead More
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via MyNewsLA.com State regulators issued nine citations with fines totaling $77,875 Wednesday to the James Deen Productions adult-film studio for allegedly failing to protect performers through the use of condoms, in violation of the state’s blood-borne pathogens standard. Cal/OSHA officials said the fines stem from a Jan. 12 inspection at a film shoot in Woodland Hills, saying that in addition to the lack of condoms, the producers did not provide vaccines or follow-up exams to performers who may have been exposed to hepatitis B. Representatives of James Deen Productions, also knownRead More
Alexandra Mayers commentary: I predicted this Farrah Abraham development at the end of my most recent Porn News Alert which is posted below. If there’s truth to Farrah Abraham’s allegations against James Deen aka Bryan Sevilla – that would mean that Vivid Entertainment was protecting James Deen when they threatened Farrah with legal action if she didn’t remain silent. Keep in mind, Bill Asher of Vivid (Steve Hirsch’s business partner) is an alleged rapist as well – at least he is according to Stefani Morgan… spotted on Attn.com Farrah AbrahamRead More
Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: I’m the type of person who’d rather tell the truth and be widely hated, than be a liar and widely well liked.  That being said, it’s highly probable that I’m the polar opposite of male pornstar James Deen. Before you continue reading this post, you need to read what I posted yesterday about James Deen blaming racism in the pornographic industry on white female pornstars (from Gentile backgrounds), rather than the true source – the [Ashkenazi] Jewish.  It wasn’t until I completed and tweetedRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: It’s hard to believe that Farrah Abraham is only 22, but keeping in mind that she’s only 22 is imperative.  Below is a very interesting recent interview with Farrah… though she’s a bit led by the young woman conducting the interview into her responses – she conveys that she’s more comfortable with being viewed as a “sex symbol” rather than a “pornstar”. I can understand completely Farrah’s mindset – however unfortunately due to the various men she’s encountered personally and professionally (who from myRead More
***Update: According to MikeSouth.com this entire press release was a giant attention whore ploy by Deen. I really do want someone to send him into space though – I’m tired of breathing the same atmosphere as this jerk. Monica Foster commentary: Tonight I literally can’t stop laughing. A couple weeks ago in my animated series www.PornWorthWatching.com I put together a bit of which industry blogger Mike South (who says he used to work for NASA as a rocket scientist) is reading his blog from his NASA flying saucer. Well asRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Come out, come out – wherever you are… ***Update: Gene Ross has uncovered more “in the closet” evidence pertaining to pornstar James Deen – hmmm article spotted on AdultFYI.com (written by the amazing Gene Ross) Hollywood lore is full of compromised male sexuality. Burt Lancaster posed full balls naked for gay magazines. Tony Curtis in his [two] autobiographies admitted that he feigned interest in cock to land parts in movies. Rumor had it that Errol Flynn and Tyrone Power licked sack and spread cheek, and it was theRead More
  Update: James Deen claims Farrah Abraham buying the pregnancy test was a publicity stunt 🙂 http://hollywoodlife.com/2013/05/14/james-deen-farrah-abraham-pregnancy-test-interview/ As of 5.17.2013 TMZ has reported she is not pregnant – however she will be going on tour this year to strip clubs and porn conventions just as traditional pornstars do. Monica Foster commentary: I tweeted earlier today that I will be incredibly disappointed in Steve Hirsch if he neglected to orchestrate the Los Angeles porn industry’s first known and publicly accepted “setbaby”. I mean why stop at turning an MTV “Teen Mom” intoRead More
Farrah is of the biblical lineage of Abraham – support her on her journey. Monica Foster commentary: Many people are going to say that Farrah’s only stating James Deen has a small penis because she’s “bitter” that he outed her sex tape as being a “scam” – but I personally think that there IS truth to her statement… What many people don’t realize about porn performers, is that for the most part both the women AND the men are VERY SMALL PEOPLE. When I was an active talent in theRead More
Monica Foster commentary: soooo…… in other words Farrah Abraham most likely is about to make her debut on the escort circuit and this is how her pimps are letting the world know. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Kim Kardashian turned out to be her “manager” (aka pimp)? I anticipate Farrah to be on her way to Dubai for her first “tour” tomorrow. Yet another instance of pornographers like Steve Hirsch pimping America’s daughters… ***Update: MTV star Farrah Abraham’s porn video ‘a new low of lows,’ experts say – FoxNews.com ***Update:Read More