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Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: I kind of wonder if Farrah shows up too when you book Jenna Shea through , The Erotic Review (TER) or her website.Read More
Monica Foster commentary: This article doesn’t really have much to do with “porn”, but I wanted to post it – because it hit home for me. As a live camgirl – one of the most frequent questions I’m asked by my viewers is “what’s your favorite sexual position?”.  Well, from my perspective – great sex has little to do with “position”, but it has EVERYTHING to do with LOCATION. I’m the type of woman who enjoys aesthetically pleasing surroundings, and environment seasoned with a dash of class and style.  OneRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I suppose it’s time to start viewing the Church of England more so as a political party rather than a spiritual institution (but then again, that’s how it’s always been). article spotted on TheAtlanticWire As U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron pushes to ban online porn, the Church of England has made a curious admission: it can invest in it. The Church embarrassed itself this week when news surface that it had invested in a payday loancompany called Wonga through its holdings in a venture firm called Accel partners. The ArchbishopRead More