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stoney lynn - pornstar
The young woman known as pornstar Stoney Lynn has posted some harsh words in regards to the porn agent known as Riley Reynolds of Hussie Models on May 8, 2017 and May 9, 2017. For those who aren’t aware, Riley Reynolds attained quite a bit of mainstream attention by being featured in the Sundance film “Hot Girls Wanted” and the Netflix series “Hot Girls Wanted – Turned On”… but the question is, is Riley deserving of such publicity considering the serious allegations Stoney Lynn posted on twitter about Riley allegedly stagingRead More
aria michaels pornstar
It would probably be a good idea for Aria Michaels to get in contact with Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster for an interview to clearly state her side of the story.  A few years ago in 2014, a pornstar by the name of Tiffany Foxx related to Alexandra a rather negative experience she claimed to have had with LA Direct models as well. Of course, it’s likely that Alexandra Mayers would be open to interviewing representatives of East Coast Direct Models or LA Direct Models in regards to this situation too…Read More
(left to right) pornstar Reno, pornstar & agent Jack Spade & businessman Greg Dodson
Alexandra Mayers shares her final thoughts on her personal porn industry “X-File” The Luxury Companion and shares about her upcoming research on three adult industry public figures who are rumored to be “pimps”: a male pornstar known as Reno, a male pornstar and agent known as Jack Spade and a porn industry business man known as Greg Dodson (Dodson has been documented extensively on MikeSouth.com)Read More
pornstar Gia Paige (photo via @GiaPaige on twitter) - hopefully she'll keep her younger sister OUT of pornography
Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Both myself and ex-pornstar Diana fka Desi Foxx have thought for years that there’s a certain group of criminal pornographers and porn agents who target and effectively sextraffick minors into the adult entertainment industry.  Well, today it appears I’ve found solid evidence of the issue… When pornstar Gia Paige (who’s currently with Hussie Models) entered the porn industry, she introduced her younger sister (who is 19 today) to her then agent, a man by the name of Scott Ohanian (known as Scottie Platinum).  AccordingRead More
Monica Foster commentary: If you want to learn about what’s REALLY going on in the Los Angeles pornography industry your first stop should be AdultFYI.com which is run by Gene Ross who has over 25 years worth of adult entertainment reporting experience. Then your next stop should be www.RealRobBlackShow.com – hosted by the self proclaimed “President of Porn” Rob Black (who was spent jail time for obscenity).  I’ve grown to become a fan of the Rob Black show – I especially enjoy his new live video feed feature (which asRead More
A Monica Foster thought: I’ve debated for a few days whether or not to touch this issue, but considering how well I know not only how the Porn and Hollywood entertainment industries work, but how the world works in general – I’ve decided to tackle this news item – not just to try to bring some awareness and insight to the Jackson clan – but to all the parents and relatives of teen girls. I believe Kim Kardashian may directly be a strong and negative personal influence in the lifeRead More
A note from Monica Foster: Hello everyone! I’m back from a reluctantly self imposed month long hiatus (aka vacation…break…chill out). PornNewsToday.com will be back to it’s “regularly scheduled programming” consisting of the latest, most interesting, entertaining, (and every now and then) most unusual porn and adult industry related news items…along with my unique commentary (of course) on the majority of the articles! Though I was technically away for the month of July – those of you who follow me on twitter and who keep up with my youtube MonicaAtHome areRead More
A Monica Foster thought… Well I’m a bit worried about porn super star Kristina Rose…It appears that in order to remain competitive in the “porn sphere”, she feels she must subject herself to the Kink BEATINGS! I’ve written for a while now that Kink.com in my view is incredibly abusive psychologically and physically to performers and that their content in my view is detrimental to the viewer. I hope that Kristina will scream “RED” if the Kink losers get too crazy…afterall, at this stage in the game, even Skin Diamond wants toRead More